Tuesday, September 21, 2010

summer twentyten

summer 2010 is officially over.
i have lots of feelings about this. without sounding too dramatic, i feel like my life changed this past summer. not because of any one thing, in fact i'm not even too sure why i feel this way i just know that i do. more importantly i'm the one that changed it. nobody else. granted over the course of this past summer i have made some friendships that i feel have made a huge impact on my life, and will continue to do so. but how i've changed as a person over the past few months is my doing. and i like it. i like who it is that i have become.
one thing that i have found that i love about getting older is being truthful. truthful to myself, and honest with others. i love having conversations with people that i have always wanted to have but was too afraid, but now i have let that fear out the window. i can talk open and honest about my feelings, and just let it all out. it is comforting to know that my friends (new and old) accept me the way that i am, and gives me more confidence in my friendships because of this.
i feel like a completely different person. not just physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. it's weird that my life is changing, but in what direction, i don't know. i suppose their is only so much i can do. right now i feel as though i'm working on appreciating what it is that i have. enjoying it. not questioning it. letting go, and realizing that i'll end up exactly where it is that i'm suppose to.
in lots of ways i feel like this journey i'm on is just beginning. almost like the calm before the storm. like something big is about to happen, but i don't know what. what i do know is that i'm having a blast right now in my life, and that i haven't felt this way in a really long time. i feel good, happy and content. i feel ready for fall, and a new season of change!
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the emily said...

I feel very similar this year. I haven't had any life changing events, other than having baby #3 I guess, but I'm wondering if it's a product of turning 30 and realizing that I'm a grown-up and can be who I want to be now?

sarahlove said...

So happy that your fear is out the window! Yay April!

Anonymous said...

This post brought tears to my eyes, April. You are a beautiful person. You always have been. And now, you are starting to see yourself in ways you never knew existed. Above all you are starting to see how valuable you truly are as an individual and to other people. I, too, think this is only the beginning...of a great story for you. I am looking forward to the months and years to come! -Kari