Saturday, September 18, 2010

week 25: going down memory lane

here are some more before and after pics...well i'm not at my after yet, but you know what i mean. in all honesty, even i have to say the transformation is pretty much amazing.
tina and i ~ august 2008
tina and i ~ may 2008
tina and i ~ september 2010

so i'm not talking about slimgenics this week. i meant to go in this morning for my weekly weigh-in, but i didn't make it. since i have taken such a break from slimgenics in the past, i figure i'll just blog somethings i've been thinking in my head lately and have my blog take a break from slimgenics as well.

this morning i woke up early and decided to let everything out. with all of the weight loss blogs out there, you know every one's starting point. you know what that person weighted at their heaviest. well this is the blog i tell you that number. but first we are going back to january 2004. i had a good, consistent workout routine october 2003 to january 2004. i have no idea how much i lost because i never weighted myself, but i remember going to the doctor in jan. 04 and have the scale read 198. i was ecstatic! that was the first time in who knows how long that the scale read below 200. shortly after that weigh-in at the doctor, i started dating aaron. when aaron and i started dating, i stopped going to the gym. i definitely think i gained some weight during my relationship with aaron, but when we broke up in december 2005 i went into a deep depression. i wasn't going to the gym, and i was eating like crap. i went to the doctor on august 8, 2006 and weighted in at 264. i remember being so embarrassed that the nurse had to move the weight thing on the scale to the 250 mark. i was petrified. standing on the scale i was telling myself "this can't be. i can't be more than 250. just a few years ago i was 198."
so their it is. my heaviest, that i know is 264. ...i rounded up to 265, just to have an easy number to work with. for all i know i could have once been 270, who knows. i only ever looked at my weight when i went to the doctor. back in 2006 i worked out 22 times. what's so crazy about that, is i now workout 22 times in a single month.
here are some more numbers over the past few years.
in 2007 i worked out 25 times.
august 10, 2008 is when i started consistently working out. when i was up this morning and was looking at all my past calendar's and counting the "w's" on my calendar, this was the first month i really started going to the gym. on 8/10/08 i weighted in at 258. i remember coming home from my 10 year high school reunion and i bought a scale for the first time. so i weighted myself pretty consistently at home. on november 11, 2008 lifetime fitness opened. november 23, 08 i weighted in at 246. by november 29, 2009 i weighted 224.
on thursday when i went into slimgenics i weighted in at 186. before my "break" three weeks ago my all time low was 182. i hope to hit the 170's by october.
i have to say it is such a relief to put all of this out there. now that i have lost a considerable amount of weight i can talk more easily about my number's. which is how i came to the decision to share it on my blog. for the most part i talk very openly about my weight loss, so i figure why now here?, since this is where all of my other feelings are.
plus i wanted to point out the positive. put myself back to feeling proud of my accomplishments. when i realized that i'm past my 2 year mark of consistently working out, i thought to myself "i can do this." "i am doing this." so go ahead and ask me how long i've been working out, do it.
"so april, how long have you been working out."
"i've been working out consistently for 2 years." ...thank you very much!
U-DO race 4.4 mi 56min


the emily said...

April, that is AMAZING! For some reason in the abstract I thought you were pretty cool for all this, but seeing the numbers? Holy. You are one seriously awesome chick. I am SO proud of you! And a little jealous. I guess if I put the work in like you did I could have similar results.

so how long have you been working out?

Nikki said...

Go, April! Go, April! Go, April! I am doing a little dance for you right now. That's just super amazing. You are super amazing! You HAVE gone a long way, haven't you! and you DO have a lot to celebrate! Woo Hoo!!!!! I am still dancing!

April said...

@ Emily, a little bit more than 2 years now! :) thanks for asking!

Jimmy said...

Amazing, April! YOu should be proud of yourself.

Wonderer said...

!!! You are so freakin' awesome!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

You rock! What else is there to say??? -Kari

SingleGal said...

Wow! You look great! I commend you for keeping up with it and you truly look amazing. Not many people can do what you are doing and I think you are awesome for doing it!

Ghana_Hall_of_Shame said...

I don't even know you and I'm sitting here full of smiles after reading this post. I'm soooo happy for you!