Tuesday, September 7, 2010

dating history

here are some random facts about my dating history. i saw this on another blog, and thought it would be fun while i don't really have anything else to blog about.

1. my first crush was ...his name was levi, and he was in my first grade class. my mother says i had a crush on a boy from my preschool, and that we talked about getting married, and that when we got married he would come live with me and my parents, but i don't remember that.

2. my first kiss was ...with cory latham. we were "boyfriend and girlfriend" in middle school. and in the 8th grade we went to this holiday party where they played spin the bottle. at this point in time cory and i had only pecked each other on the lips, nothing more. he was screaming for the game of spin the bottle to include tongue, even though we weren't playing because we were a couple, and i remember being frustrated with him because that was something that we hadn't even done, and that their were 7th graders at this party. when my mom picked up michelle, cory, and i and we dropped off cory, i walked him to his door we kissed and he pulled back and said "ouch you bit my tongue." i was mortified and we never french kissed again.

3. first date ever was ...also with cory latham. we went to the fair. my mom took us, and i remember i wore this super cute plaid shirt that was a pretty cranberry color with a tank top underneath, with the top tucked in and pulled out. it was super cute.

4. first car date ever...well i suppose a HS dance, but i'm not going to count that because all of the school dances that i went to were because i invited the guy. the first date date that i went on was the summer after my HS year. his name was jason reynolds. he picked me up and we went to go see "the green mile" then went to bennigan's for dessert after.

5. first marriage proposal was...from jim nolan. we were hanging out at the park near my house. i was 21 at the time. we were just talking, and although he previously joked about marrying me, he said very seriously "lets go get married." ...i just acted as if he was still joking.

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the emily said...


1. Kyle McCormick in kindergarten

2. Brian Costanzo my freshman year. We were "going out" and I got my license and drove to his house on the same day. We made out, and two days later he broke up with me. It was weird and gross.

3. Homecoming Junior year with...Justin Eakes? Was that his name?

4. same

5. from Dave Foley on April 20, 2001. We got married 4 months later.

sarahlove said...

Very cute post!

Made me think about my first boyfriend. Allan Peifer. 5th grade. He was soooooo sweet and asked my parents if he could take me out on a date. We went to Putt Putt. His parents drove. He walked me to my front door and said, 'I'll see you tomorrow.' And I did. And the next day too. We spent the entire summer swimming in the backyard of my parents house. We laughed. And laughed some more. Usually, someone would never admit this. Come on, it was the fifth grade?! Decades ago. Back when I didn't care about what I looked like in a bathing suit. But due to the circumstances... I miss him. Not as a boyfriend but as a friend. I miss that summer of laughing with him in the pool.

I know you miss him too. <3

Guess what?? I finally blogged!!!