Friday, September 17, 2010

music, sequins, and hockey

the rest of the week in florida was pretty relaxing. just living day to day with the W* family. running errands, helping the kids with homework, and hanging out.

both max and jake are very musically inclined. their dad jason plays the drums, so do both boys.
here is jake filming max on the drums.

jake has been taking piano lessons for more than a year, and he is so good at it!

one day we did some more shopping with tina's friend jessica. she had a baby girl last march and worked very hard the last 6 months of last year getting rid of all her baby weight. she recently got a new job and turned 30, so we went out to shop and celebrate!
just for fun we went into a fancy dress shop and tried on some fun dresses. i like my dress because it makes me look like a mermaid, and when i was little and would go swimming by myself i would pretend that i was a mermaid. ...i even tried on a wedding dress. that was a little bit weird, all things considered. but i suppose if i never do get married i can now i say i have tried on a dress.
jessica, tina, and i
(take note of jessica's cute little figure, i'll discuss it in a future post, FYI)

my last morning in lakeland i went to cheer on the boys in their first roller hockey game! they won 8-2!!! ...included was a goal by max!
this morning it was so hot and humid. i was sitting and sweating, seriously. but i had so much fun.
max and jake are out there somewhere, in the orange jersey's
saying good bye to this family is always so hard. this particular time was extremely emotional. i love this family so much. i cried and cried, and max comforted me by giving me lots of good-bye hugs...jake is little less sensitive. :) saying good-bye is always harder when i don't know when i'm going to see them again. but i do know that i'll see them again, and that we will stay in touch. saying good-bye is just never fun.
jake, me, and max

treadmill 15min
zumba 60min


Nikki said...

fun! What a talented group of people. I thought the same thing when I saw you in the dress - mermaid April! That looks like it was a blast :)

the emily said...

I love your dress! So fancy. I would love to go to a store and do that. Fun. Y'all look fantastic.