Monday, September 20, 2010

boating fun

in the driver's seat

yesterday was a super active day. in fact the whole weekend was pretty jam packed. i got home at around 9pm saturday night after the race and went straight to bed, after blogging and talking on the phone with my parents of course. i got a good nights rest and was up by 7:30am. to my surprise my body wasn't in any pain, out of my normal workout soreness that comes with working out as often as i do. anyways, sarah has an 8:30am Core class, which is 30 minutes of core exercises before Strike! at 9:15am. well truth be told i'm not much of a morning person, but as time goes by i find myself more awake in the mornings. when i woke up yesterday at 7:30 i convinced myself to go back to sleep, skip the core class at 8:30am, and just do strike. well that didn't happen. i got my butt out of bed and went to core then did strike. after class we (april, sarah, and i) made plans to meet up with bobby to head to boyd lake in loveland to soak in the last of summer's sun for the year.
so that is what i did yesterday afternoon. we loaded up into bobby and april's truck, kids in tow for some tubing and boating fun.
i had a blast! growing up my dad had a boat, and loved to fish. whenever i think of boating i think of my childhood with my dad and being so happy hanging out with him on the boat fishing. i instantly have great memories. needless to say, i was super happy to add this to my memories of boating and being out on a lake with my new friends.
april and bobby were fabulous hosts' as always, along with their 2 adorable little boys.
along with the boat they have lots of toys to play with, including this huge fluffy tube thing. ....not too sure how else to describe it. i went out on the tube with sarah as we went on a crazy ride through choppy water and waves. i was seriously hanging on for dear life. a little bit later i went out with bobby and their older son zachary, which was so much fun. i have the rubber burns on my elbow's and knee's to prove it!
i even got to do some cuddling with little ayden who is april and bobby's little 2 year old that gets scared of the boat and water when we go too fast. so i held onto him to let him know he was safe. gotta love some good baby love.
the rest of the time was spent relaxing in the sun and hanging out. i even got behind the drivers sit, and take the boat for a spin, which was a first for me!
even the ride home was a blast. i was giggling with ayden and zach the whole way home.
it was such a quality time mainly because of the people the time was spent with.
for the first time in a really long time i feel like i'm building friendships that will actually last and have some substance with them. which for me is saying a lot, because i don't make friends easily or lightly.
overall it was a fantastic sunday. and an awesome weekend i won't soon forget.

sarah and i on the big fluffy tube thing
P.S. I woke up this morning with my whole body in pain. my shoulders and back are so sore from holding onto the tube yesterday. my abs are sore from core. and i'm pretty sure my legs are sore from the run. it's a good pain, but still painful.
zumba 60min


the emily said...

fun!! i loooove boats.

Nikki said...

Nice! Was the lake cold? I can only imagine how much fun that was for you, you've always loved the water. I am so happy that you have such great friends, and they are lucky to have you too!

sarahlove said...

Holy smokes that fluffy thing looks scary, fun and painful all at once!!!