Saturday, September 25, 2010

recommended reading

so i'm totally into this whole blogging thing. and i have been for awhile. i pretty much think that my blog is the coolest blog ever, but that is besides the point. compared to others i don't really read a lot of blogs. i don't personally know a lot of people that have a blog, and i think that it is a little bit weird that there are a few blogs out there that i do read about people that i don't know. this blog is a shout out to the ones that i know and the ones that i stalk. :)

first and foremost emily.
she is the reason for my blogging existence.

next is one of my biggest supporters, my cousin nikki.
she pretty much does it all.

one can never have too many sarah's.
sarah and her beautiful growing family.
sarah and her fantastic photography.

a girls gotta eat, here is some delicious food.
sophie is my cousin's cousin.

last on the personal front is greg.
he's in japan right now, what else is there to say?

for the rest of my friends i have a links to them over on my left hand side bar.

moving on to the blogs i stalk. which means these are blogs by people that i don't personally know.

lyn over at escape from obesity.
what's amazing about this woman is that our stories are pretty much parallel. over the past few months our weight has been just pounds of one another. just when i hit a milestone she hits the same one. she's a much better writer than i am, and puts words to the emotions so much better than i do. if you ever wonder what it is i'm thinking, good bet that she's written about it or is about to.

jen at a prior fat girl.
this is one awesome chick. she's the blog i read for motivation, and proof that it can be done.

stephanie over at a daily scoop.
this woman and her family is amazing. grab tissues.

suz over at steece's pieces.
seriously the hottest looking family in texas, and from what i've heard texas is a pretty big state. this woman has quad's. a set of identical twin boys, and a set of fraternal twins: a boy and a girl.

last but not least, gotta have some romance.
this is a post that emily linked to, and this isn't a blog i follow, but i read this post, and it's pretty much amazing, and every girls fantasy come true.
lastly le love. i found this blog via sarah.

50/50 60min

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sarahlove said...

Took me several hours.... but I read through the blogs you stalk. (I am flattered that I am one of them!) The common link? You are drawn towards positive and happy energy. I think that says a LOT about you!!!