Monday, January 5, 2009

Recap 2008


  • My God Daughter Katherine turned One~1/15
  • I celebrated my 28th Birthday in San Fransisco with Michelle.

  • Went to Albuquerque to celebrate my Dad's 60th Birthday.
  • Alycia April born April 15th.

  • Started my new job May 19th.
  • Went to Florida.

  • Parents came to visit.
  • Attend Marcia and Chris' Wedding.

  • Went to Rhode Island
  • Went to Albuquerque for my 10 year HS reunion.

  • Went to Florida
  • Shi'ena turned One~8/11
  • Chloe Renae born August 12th.
  • The Democratic National Convention is in Denver.

  • 9/1 Samuel Leo turned One.

  • Race for the Cure 5k
  • Amaris turned One~10/13
  • Go to Chicago to celebrate Michelle's 29th Birthday.
  • Barack Obama Raley in Civic Center Park, Denver.

  • Crystal comes to visit.
  • Mom comes to visit.
  • Parents come to visit for Thanksgiving.

  • Tanner's 1st Birthday 12/11
  • Travel home for the week of Christmas.


emily said...

that's a good year!

i take it you went to the gym today?

Nikki said...

I know I've said it before, but you have an uncanning ability to remember birthdays. Unbelievable!

April said...

Yup Emily, I went to the gym after work! Thanks for checking :)

mrs. reynolds said...

Thanks for the comment! I'm trying to be more light-hearted in my writing so people don't get bored. Gotta catch 'em off guard, right?
Lova ya sista!

Rachel P said...

I'm sorry that we didn't get together the week that you were here for Christmas. Things got so hectic, I had family in town, it just kind of slipped my mind! I feel so bad! Will you forgive me? Please? ;-)