Saturday, January 17, 2009


This morning I did the Hydro Aquatic swim class. It was a lot different compared to the past swim aerobics class I have done - many many years ago. But I enjoyed this one. I loved being back in the water. And it felt good to have a good workout at the beginning of my day. I spent almost 2 and half hours at the gym this morning! The Hydro class was an hour long, afterward I spent some time swimming laps in the lap pool, then had some relaxing time in the hot tub! It was so nice. I took a shower and got all ready in the locker rooms. The facility is so nice. I feel like I'm truly getting what I pay for. I get either a "hello" or "enjoy your workout" every time I enter the gym, and either a "have a good day" or "have a good night" every time I exit the gym.

I do like the dance class more. I'm excited because the dance class goes again tomorrow morning!

At this rate, I think the only day that I won't be going to a class is my Wednesday work out. So on Wednesday's I'll do my "normal" work out on the elliptical. It feels great to be working my body in so many different ways, and keeping it guessing as to what it is I'm going to do next!

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Crystal said...

Ok you have inspired me! I need to get my hinny back to the gym!