Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Year's Eve & Mom's Visit

My mom flew home with me after Christmas, and spent all last week with me. I had to work, but we had a good time. She took me grocery shopping, helped take down my Christmas decorations, did my laundry, and filled my gas tank! ...gotta love it when Mom comes to visit!

I took a half day off January 2nd, so Mom and I could have a "date" downtown. She met me downtown and we went to lunch at Earl's. We then walked around downtown. The weather was perfect. Sometimes I find it so weird that this is where I live. We walked to the Denver Performing Arts Center, where their is this huge sculpture called "Dancers". We then went to the Denver Pavilions and saw the movie "Seven Pounds". I had high hopes for this movie. It is a good movie, but I think it had the potential to be a lot better. And the twist is very sad. After the movie we walked to Larimer Square where they string lights all along the street during Christmas time. It is beautiful, and the picture doesn't do it justice.
Lights along Larimer Square

Denver Pavilions

For New Year's Eve Mom and I drove to Conifer, which is a mountain town west of Denver about 30 miles. It was beautiful. We had a local Italian restaurant called Lucille's'. It was super yummy. After dinner we went home, where I colored my Mom's hair, and then rang in the New Year in our PJ's.
The Mountains in Conifer

Mom and I after dinner New Year's Eve

PS Work out update: I didn't go to the gym on Fri. 1/2, but I did yesterday 1/3 and today 1/4!


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Miss you.

Always look forward to just you and me.