Sunday, April 3, 2011

not a lot going on

my life the last few weekends has been pretty boring. i haven't seen M for the past two weeks. we've kept somewhat in touch but just haven't seen each other. he sent me a text late last week saying "i'm not ignoring you, just busy studying for my test next week." on friday he takes his journeyman test. i know he is anxious to get the test over with. i'm sure he'll do great. i saw R this past wednesday. leaving him wednesday night i had a nice calming feeling know that was going to be the last time i'll see him. he's a great guy but the fact that past few times that we've seen one another is by my doing bothers me, and while hanging out with him i've found somethings about him i don't like. for example, he doesn't appreciate the things that he has. he always talks about wanting more. which there is nothing wrong with that, but you have to be happy with what is that you have. be thankful for that. you can always strive for more, but you gotta be happy with the things around you. that's an important trait for me. being alone the past few weekends has given me the realization that it's ok to hang out by myself. now of course i've always known this, but having nothing going on and not reaching out to either M or R to hang out with someone just for pure fact to hang out with someone was good. it was good for me. i was proud that i realized i'm better than that. i want something more than just to have company just to have company. plus it is always a very empowering feeling when you know that hanging out with just yourself is pretty darn cool...because hey i'm pretty freakin' awesome if you haven't heard! :) in workout news. today i took my second ever master step class. i tried it last sunday, and was totally out of the loop. it is very technical and choreographed. at the end of class last week Stacie announced that this sunday's choreography would be the same. so i wanted to try again, to get the steps down. well while doing one of the steps over the step i fell, right on my ass. so not fun, and i could tell i landed weird on my ankle. i was fine overall, and immediately got up and was trying not to cry out of sheer embarrassment. there were a few times i wanted to just leave, because i felt so out of my element. but, i pushed through it, and continued on, and got all of the steps down!!! my ankle is a little bit tender now, but all is good.
master step 60min

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Nikki said...

I am proud of you for not running out of there with a towel over your head. Cuz that's what I would have done, and I probably would have tripped over everybody on the way out. You are amazing. Love you!