Sunday, April 17, 2011

a good good night

the double "good" is for two good night's in a row.
friday night was a surprise birthday party for justine at baker's street pub. this party wasn't an easy one to pull off. in fact a "fake" party was planned just to keep the suspicion down. the good news is that the party was a success. justine had no idea! gotta love a good surprise!
justine's birthday isn't for another couple of weeks (also part of the surprise!) so when she first walked in she asked "what is this for?!" she had no clue it was for her. once she realized she was the surprise she immediately got a little teared eyes. classic.
Justine realizing we are here to surprise HER!
my personal touch were the balloonsVIP ladies: me, kortny, brandi, nicole, april, sarah
denise, annabelle, justine

brandi, kortny, bobby, charlie, and justine
sarah and i
oh yes we had cake!
sarah feeding bobby

VIP guys with the birthday girl: bobby, kevin, steven, charlie, luke, damon, and jason
me, christina, and annabelle
last night was another first for me. i went to my first ever MMA fight. MMA: Mixed Martial Arts. this was some intense stuff. april and bobby know one of the fighters, Chris Holland. his fight was at the very end at around 11pm. up until then we saw a handful of fights. and my my this is violent stuff. i'm not too sure what i expected, but this was not my thing. unfortunately Chris didn't win his fight, but afterwards i met him and all of us hung out for a little while. a group of us got together prior to the fight and hung out.
Ring of Fire (Chris is the bald guy in the background)
two good nights, filled with good memories. gotta love it.
50/50 60min


Nikki said...

Wow, fun! MMA, wow. Now you know, and can check that off your list of things you've never experienced.

sarahlove said...

FUN! I like surprises!! Not done to me but per say BUT done to others!

The fighting would stress me out... I think.

Good weekend April!

Justine said...

2 more weekends of FUN STUFF!! And voila..the month of April will be history! Then on to May..speaking of..shall we start planning May events?!?