Tuesday, April 26, 2011

easter weekend

i had a very lazy easter weekend. hence my lack of workout on saturday. not good. but oh well. after not going to the gym on saturday i went to a friends fundraiser for the children of japan. i have a friend from the gym whose parents live in japan, and a friend's brother is currently living there. thankfully they are all ok, but i definitely think we need to help out.

all the kids singing were so cute
saturday evening i went over to my friend brandi's house for an At Dusk Easter Egg Hunt! how much fun does that sound?!
all of the super cute kiddo's
easter egg hunt with a flashlight?!
um, ya!
super cute avery
sunday was actually really low key. i did get in a workout and well that was about it. not much of a easter.
treadmill 23min
barbell strength 60min


Nikki said...


Anonymous said...

Was in the mood to color eggs!!! But alas you weren't here sooooooo next year please!!

Love ya MOM

sarahlove said...

OHH!!! In the dark!? That's totally what I'm doing next year!!