Saturday, April 16, 2011

being injured

i hurt my foot. this sucks. i'm trying to not make it worse, but not going to the gym is just not an option. when i seriously think about someone telling me that i can't workout, my heart literally breaks. the gym has been the one consistent, and stable thing in my life the past 2 and half years. yes i have work, but work is a "have to" not a want. in reality i don't have to go to the gym, i want to go to the gym. of course majority of the time i go kicking and screaming because i really don't want to go, but i suppose i do because i do keep going. anyways...this could go on.

on wednesday i decided my whole workout would be on the treadmill. i wanted to really see what i could do with one hour on the god awful machine. see how much i could run and just go. so that is what i did. i ran for about 40 minutes with about three - 2 minute breaks of fast walking. so within that actual 40 minutes i guess that i probably ran about 34 minutes of that time. the last 20 minutes was a fast walk. when i got home i noticed that my left shoe was loose, and just about fell off my foot when i took off my shoes. i didn't think anything of it. the next day my left hurt so bad i was limping around. i immediately knew it was from my time spent on the treadmill. but didn't know the cause. what hurt was the very bottom of my foot. sorta like the pain that you've had from walking around being on your feet all day. but worse. on the bus ride home on thursday i was texting my friend and personal trainer sarah along with my friend and physical therapist christina to get their opinion on working out. i knew that strike! was out of the question. christina recommended either the bike or stair climber, sarah recommended taking a few days off. i ended up on the bike. i told christina about my shoe being loose and she thinks that while i was the treadmill i was probably contracting my toes to keep my shoe on which is why the bottom of my foot hurts.

since then i like to think that my foot is getting better. both sarah and christina gave me some tips that i've been doing, and today it definitely feels the best, but i haven't really been on my feet today like i have been at work since hurting my foot. i've stuck with the bike workout which i really don't like, but at least it is something.

i'm hoping for a full recovery soon. this is the one big draw back of working out, getting injured. it is so demotivating. it makes you ask why you even do the things that you do, just to hurt yourself?!, and put yourself out of commission. granted i'm not totally out, but i am missing my normal workouts.
bike 45min


Nikki said...

every once in a while it's a good thing to take it easier. You avoid more injuries and give your body a break. I am glad you are feeling better now.

Anonymous said...

Same reason you do anything that you may get hurt at-because it's worth it. You continue working out because you continue to lose weight. You continue to fall in love because it feels good, you continue to take chances because that's what life is. Taking chances. Sure, you could get hit by a car tomorrow on your way into work, but does that mean you shouldn't leave your house? No. Just keep swimming.

sarahlove said...

Stretch. Roll your foot over a tennis ball.

Anonymous said...

It's probably plantar fasciitis -- hurts like hell. It's when the muscle that stretches the length of your foot comes unattached for a vaiety of reasons. Stretch it before you get out of bed in the AM; wear sneakers as much as you can, the cushioning helps.