Thursday, April 7, 2011

~all kinds of crazy~

i recently bought a pack
of Extra's
dessert gum.
it's ok.


post 601!


if you haven't heard casey ("guard and protect your heart")
and vienna from
the bachelor/the bachelorette series are a couple.
i'm 99.9% sure i saw them
downtown denver on


i can't wait to tell you all
what i did


happy birthday to my


i'm super sad that the
"barnes dance"
is going away in denver.
it makes total sense to keep it,
in my opinion.


when you order a sandwich at a restaurant
and you ask for something extra.
say for example cheese or bacon,
you get charged for that
"something extra".
so why when you order a sandwich that already comes with bacon, but you want
NO bacon
the price isn't adjusted
i think that it should.


i have a serious case of cabin fever.
i need to get the heck out of dodge!!

strike! 60min


the emily said...

seriously? casey and vienna? gag me.

i like your bacon thought. i agree.

i also have cabin fever. i seriously need a vacation.

sarahlove said...

Yes, I've often thought that about the bacon too because I've ordered meatless burgers for years and I always get charged full price. Change MUST happen.

Tammy said...

I don't remember Casey? I remember Vienna though. Did you watch "Bachelor Pad?" I loved that show!!:)

I was going to order an extra side of bacon at a restaurant the other was an extra $3!!! I think not..though I LOVE bacon and could live on it if someone else would cook it!!LOL

Jimmy said...

Try the key lime pie gum. It's my favorite of the desserts flavors.

Nikki said...

You need to add links to these Casey/Vienna people. I have no clue who they are.