Thursday, April 28, 2011

~all kinds of crazy~

i'm really not into the whole
royal wedding thing.
but now that it is here, i think it is pretty exciting.
yes, i admit, i am recording it.


can you feel your
yum yum's?


i have a fancy dinner to go to saturday night.
and i'm wearing a fancy dress,
and it's going to be snowy and rainy and 45*.


congratulations to
charlie for officially
making the 2012
colorado firefighter calendar!


i would like to officially welcome
gavin leonardo to the world
born 4/23
cruz david to the world
born 4/24.
congratulations milena and kim!


last night for dinner i made
chicken fajita's
with homemade guacamole!
never had i ever
made guacamole before.
it was good!


i think it is safe to say
that my foot is 100%

strike! 60min

1 comment:

sarahlove said...

Yay! Your foot is healed!!

Guacamole is awesome. My dad makes the best!