Saturday, April 9, 2011

my favorite

we all have our favorite performer. the one where we buy their album the day it comes out. for me that performer is janet jackson. i've been a huge janet fan since i was in middle school. i love her music and her dancing. oh her dancing! i have a life long dream of dancing with her. in april 1993 (4?) i went to my first ever concert, which happened to be a janet concert. i went with my friend melissa. we wore matching shirts in different colors and went to eat at the owl cafe prior. i loved this concert.
wednesday night for the second time i went to go see janet again! she performed at the wells fargo theater which is a really small only seats 5,000. julie and i had awesome seats! easily the best seats i've ever had for a concert. i love seeing shows live, and this was a very memorable night. we were in the first row behind the first small section, so we had room to move and dance for the whole show!
janet is calling this tour "up close and personal: # 1's". she performed all her number one hits.
compared to previous tours this one was much more simple. so big theatrics, just her and some dancers. no costume changes, she wore a simple black tank top with black jeans and black boots.

just out the video of "if" i took. this is one of my favorite songs. when this song first came out i taught myself the choreoghryphy.

this is easily one of the funnest nights i've had in awhile. so memorable! to prepare for the show i listened to her "number 1's" CD, read her book "True You" and recently watched the movie "Why Did I get Married?".

strictly strength 60min


Anonymous said...

APRIL!!! Thank you so much for posting the pics. JANET JACKSON was my childhood icon. I sang all her songs OVER and OVER and OVER AGAIN soo much that my brother's would hide my cassette tapes and records! LOVED all the pics, had so many friends go but these are the first pics posted I've seen. Thanks again. TMF :)))

the emily said...

Concerts are SO fun. I remember your love of Janet. In fact I bought her CD in middle school because of your love for her. Then I listened to "If" and read the words and realized she's dirty! Heh heh. But an awesome performer. I would love to see her in concert.

Anonymous said...

Out of many concerts in my life, Janet was ONE of my FAVS! My best friend Joyce (who passed away) and I were in 4th row for Janet in 1993(4). She was AMAZING. We even ran into a couple of her dancers and they were SOOOOO nice to us. I am proud to share my birthday with Janet, we are EXACTLY the same age. Would have loved to see her again. Glad you had fun! Erin <3

sarahlove said...

OMG!!!!!!! I am so jealous!!!! I would have LOVED to go see her. WOW!!! That is just too cool! Did you see Myhisha or Jennifer? I think they both went up for her concert. That is the coolest thing! Lucky you! :) So, Emily says she's 'dirty'... do you think that means she didn't have the 'wardrobe malfunction' during the super bowl? What do you think??