Sunday, April 24, 2011

fired up for kids!

all of my friends seem to be overachievers in one way or another. charlie is no exception, or his wife justine for supporting him!!! charlie is a denver firefighter. such a thankless job, as he quoted it perfectly last night at our Easter celebration. "I'm getting paid not for what I do, but for what I WILL do." so so true. going into a burning building risking your life is no easy job.
house fires are a huge fear of mine, and something that happens quite often if you pay attention to the news etc... i got this fear back on february 12, 1998. my dear friend Allan passed away in a house fire of smoke inhalation. i can remember the details of this morning so clearly, and the vision of the firemen bringing him outside. thankfully the rest of his family survived, but the lose of a son and a brother is something i'm sure they still think about every single day. knowing Allan and the tragic way that he died, makes me pay attention to the amount of fires that take place. so thank you Charlie, for doing what you do.
now onto the fun stuff now that the serious stuff is taken care of.
not only is charlie a firefighter, he's also pretty buff. with lots of hard work and personality he is one of 33 fire fighter's competing to be in the 2012 Colorado Firefighter Calendar, which benefits the burn unit of the Children's Hospital! friday night was the calendar event where these 33 very fit and hot people got to strut their stuff. all of us went in support for charlie, as none other than "Charlie's Angels" of course! it was a blast.
a group of us went before the event for the meet and greet of the 33 contenders, along with the 15 people that are in this years calendar! it truly was a great time.

going VIP we got our own little gift bag, along with a personalized reserved sit!

oh yes, i did enjoy myself!

julie and i with the one super tall firefighter of the group, his name is Tyler

how about a fireman sandwich?!, um, YES please!!!

but really we were cheering for Charlie! woot w00t!

charlie's angels: april, diane, justine, christina, becca, kortny, denise, and i

and honestly this was nothing. i'm not too sure how many pink shirts were there, but i would say in total about 20+. we were definitely a good way!

julie and i

the men: jim, steven, and bobby
there were two parts to the actual show. the first one was a "dressed" version, where the judges asked questions. the second part was what really mattered! it was the "naked" version, where they guys and gals came out half naked dancing down the runway! it was seriously a blast.


if these pics aren't enough, you can check some more out
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while screaming my head off and a little bit drunk at this event, i was looking around and asking myself "how did i get so lucky?" this was seriously such a fun night, and at parts i was thinking "wow this is my life." crazy.
honestly, sometimes if i think too long or hard about the changes my life has made over the past couple of years, i'm in a little bit of awe. of wonderment. and well you combine some hard alcohol, hot bods, and good friends, i definitely had some moments of just reflecting friday night, and it was all good.

treadmill 35min
bike 30min


sarahlove said...

Oh my ..... wow! Didn't expect this from you April!! One very very good reason to wear pink.

Anonymous said...

what a great way to spend your Easter weekend! You lucky girl you! Did you happen to take home one of the contestants along with that gift bag?!?! -Love kari

Nikki said...

ha! fun!