Saturday, February 7, 2009

Timing is Everything

I got this picture just at the perfect moment, and didn't even realize it. This is Denali stretching and yawning. I suppose the picture isn't really all that cute, but she is really so cute!


Nikki said...

It is kind of a scary picture if you didn't know that she was yawning. She has laser eyes and it looks like she is hissing. It is so funny sometimes to take pictures of cats, because you really aren't sure how they'll turn out.

April said...

I know. but it really isn't a scary picture, even though it looks like a scary picture.

Wonderer said...

I love when cats stretch! They do it so comploetely, and they are so cute when they do! Does she ever stretch and then kinda curl into herself? Every once in awhile Oscar does that, and if I catch him, I try to sneak my hand in there so it's like he's hugging me. I love it. :-)