Sunday, November 2, 2008

Late Nights & What going to the Gym Should Be

This is two blogs in one.

I am a night person, always have been, and on some level will probably always will be. What is frustrating about being a night person is that people think that you can't wake up early. This is a myth of us late night folk-just thought I would let you know. Back when I was 21-22 I had a many late nights. I was working until 1am, and what seemed like going out every night with my friend Shaun. I was working full time and when I look back at that time of my life I don't remember working. cool is that?! We would stay up late playing Rummy, talking at Village Inn, or at his place, at some random house party, at the casino playing black jack playing until we would win enough to go to the breakfast buffet. I remember getting home anywhere between 3am to 5am many many times. It was so much fun. Well I had a night like that last night. It reminding me of good times, and to be thankful for my growing friendship with Ginny. Friday I went with her to get her hair cut. Ginny has beautiful hair, and she chopped off 15 inches! is still beautiful. Then Friday night we to a Halloween party. It was a party thrown by some of Frank's friends from HS. (Frank is Ginny's husband.) And well their was some drama at this party, and really not a lot of fun. We only stayed for about an hour. Afterwards we drove to my house so I could change into some comfy clothes. We also brought over to Ginny's house some champagne and vodka from my house. Alcohol stays in my house forever. I still have some cider that Michelle bought for my house-warming party in June 2006! This champagne was super good! ...I believe the champagne was a house-warming gift from that same party! After the change we went back to Frank and Ginny's house with the alcohol. Carlos was there. He didn't actually go to the party, he ended up having his son, so he stayed at Frank and Ginny's house to watch their little girl Alycia, and his son. Anyways we all hung out and talked. It was good quality fun, with great friends. I stayed until a little after 3am, and didn't get home and in bed until 3:30am. Good times.

So I went to the gym today(Saturday). I have November off to a good start! After my 45 minutes of cardio I go into the bathroom to wipe my face off of all the gross sweat. Well when I did that today and I was heading back out to do my arms, this woman talks to me and says "You were going really fast on your machine. I was right next to you. You must be really young." Her comment made my day! And made me so thankful I found the motivation to go to the gym. We chatted for a while and she told me a couple of more times how impressed she was about how fast I was going. While I was doing my arms I was thinking about our conversation, and I thought "This is what going to the gym should be." Your neighbors should motivate you. At Ballys majority of the time the person next team seems to be going slow or talking on the cell phone(that happened today) or looking behind themselves. Or just there-not really working out, but being at the gym just to be at the gym. ...who in the world would go to a gym just to be at the gym?! Having the conversation with this woman get me excited for the new gym that is opening soon. Because I picture being motivated all the time, how this woman was motivated by me. Countdown update: 10 days until Lifetime Fitness opens!

Stayed toned: coming soon Halloween pics!

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emily said...

I'm a night person too. I always have been. In college I would go to bed at two or three am, and get up for class at 9. I slept through most of my nine o'clock classes. It's a miracle I graduated. Once I had babies I had to start going to bed early and I have just recently started staying up late again. I forgot how much I love it. In fact, the other day I was reading one of my old journals and it said "I'm going to bed even though it's only one am". seriously. I was a nutcase.