Friday, November 14, 2008

Hotel April

One thing in this life I think we all want to feel is wanted and needed. I for one, enjoy feeling wanted and needed. These feelings however are very seldom for me. I don't have kids to nurture or take care of, and I don't have a husband who needs my love. So when I do get this feeling I cherish it and enjoy it. For the next 3 weekends I will have house guests! I love having people over at my house. For a few reasons. I really like my house, so I enjoy other people seeing my house. I enjoy making people feel welcome and at home. I have a pet peeve about not being comfortable when I go into someones home. I've felt that feeling before, and it is just uncomfortable. I try to make my house warm and welcoming, and let my guests know that they can do whatever they would like, as long as they are comfortable. Lastly, I think I am good host. I try my best to make sure my house is clean when they arrive, and appreciate their company.
Yesterday I picked up Crystal. Crystal is a girl I went to high school with, and we reconnected via MySpace. Before last night we hadn't seen each other since HS(over 10 years ago), so for this specific guest I tried to really make her feel welcome. We welcomed each other with a nice warm hug, which I think set the tone for what will be the rest of the weekend. We had dinner last night with her cousin, and then stayed up talking until I had to go to bed. Tonight we are going to the New Kids on the Block. I can't say I'm overly excited about this concert, but I know it will be a good time. Crystal is in radio, and enjoys going to concerts, so for this I'm excited. Then Saturday we are going to get chocolate pedicure! How amazing does that sound!?
Next weekend my Mom will be here for Celine Dion concert. I'm excited to have my Mom here. Her visits are always so relaxed, and she enjoys me planing day trips and outings. I appreciate that!
Then the following weekend both of my parents will be here for Thanksgiving. This will be the first time they are both up here during the Winter. I know my Dad is fearful about coming up here in the winter because of the snow, which I think is kinda funny. We are going out for Thanksgiving dinner. I don't want to cook a whole big feast for 3 people.
So for a few weeks I will have what I will call: Hotel April going on in my house! I plan on enjoying every minute of it!


emily said...

That is so nice! I like having house guests too. Three of my husbands brothers stayed with us the nights before their respective weddings. I LOVED it. We don't have a ton of extra space, but I love having nice, big, fluffy towels and good food to eat. That kind of thing.

Crystal who?

April said...

Crystal Page.

Nik said...

April, I am not a great host, so if we do have you over, I'll have to make sure I keep that in mind and work extra hard to be better. But we might just have to stay in a real hotel, so they can take care of us.

I remember staying with you, you did treat me very well, and I appreciated that!

Wonderer said...

I wanna come to Hotel April, it sounds lovely! :-)

April said...

Rachel, your invited any time!

Crystal said...

I really felt at bome! Thanks again! Hope you don't mind I stole a rob and some towels! :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you April for a wonderful time.
The Stanley Hotel Ghost tour was so fascinating.