Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thanksgiving Past

Thanksgiving is near, and I find myself thinking of what I enjoy about this holiday. I am truly thankful for so many things. One of which is my family. I am an only child, but have a very large extended family that I try to stay in touch with. My mother is one of eight kids(although sadly only 7 are living). I have 7 cousin's that I try to keep in touch with. For some reason I'm much better at keeping up my relationships with my girl cousins, than the guys. Sorry Greg, Brad, and Kyle! One of my closest friends is Kari, who is my cousin. Along with being a great friend, I also have a great relationship with her 2 kids,Riley and Aidan. Right now I have 3 2nd cousins, and one on the way! Growing up in Albuquerque I was very lucky because all but 2 of the aunt's and uncle's live in Albuquerque. One family is in Rhode Island, and the other is Seattle. We would always have a huge Thanksgiving dinner, with everyone over. For my younger years we always alternated houses. I loved this. I always wanted everyone over at my house, but it was seldom at my parents. Later on Thanksgiving seems to always be at my Aunt Kathleen's, followed by Christmas at Aunt Patti's. For awhile we had New Year's Eve at my parents. Right now all of us cousin's are growing up and creating our own little families. Kari moved away to Seattle shortly after she got married, but is now back in NM. Charlene is in Rhode Island, I am the God-Mother of her daughter Katherine who will be 2 in January, and is expecting a little brother or sister in April 2009. Greg went to school in Las Cruces, Texas, and is now in Tucson, AZ. I moved to Denver in 2002. Nikki lives with her husband in College Station, TX. Brad is in Albuquerque, but would like to move to San Diego. Cheryl, is going to school is Las Cruces. And lastly Kyle is living in the dorms at UNM in Albuquerque. So we are all over the place. Now were all separated. I honestly can't remember the last time all of us were together for Thanksgiving. Just for myself out of the past 7 Thanksgiving's(this one included) I've only been home for 2. Last year I went home for Thanksgiving, but everyone was doing their own thing. So even though I shared it with some family, I wasn't with all of my family. For the most part a lot of families like to do their own thing. And I suppose if I did have my own family(husband and kids) I might want do my own thing too. But I don't think so. I truly think that if I had my own family that I would want my kids to be around everyone that I grew up around. I personally stay in touch with my family because I want them in my life. I want that relationship. I hope that when the day comes(a very very long time from now) that when all is left are us cousin's, that we will stay close and have family dinners around the holiday's like how we used to. I really want that for my future, even if I don't have kids. Specifically if I don't have kids. That is the one thing that really sucks about being an only child, you are alone. I am thankful for my relationship with my girl cousin's, they are amazing, and in my own way my very own sister's. I hope all of you have a lovely and blessed Thanksgiving!


emily said...

Big families are the best. I wish your family was closer to you so you could all be together this year!

My mom has 10 brothers & sisters and my dad has 4, and each of them have lots of kids. I actually have over 50 FIRST COUSINS. Nuts, eh? We really can't all get together anymore, but it's fun to get parts of our family together for holidays. I hope you have a very happy thanksgiving!

Nikki said...

I was telling one of my co-workers yesterday that you are like a sister to me too. I am glad you feel the same way.

And well put. Did you ever get permission to see my blog?

April said...

...I haven't tried yet. I didn't get on the computer last night. I'll let you know.

It makes me so happy to know you think of me as a sister! I love you!