Thursday, October 30, 2008

So excited for Halloween!

I thought this was a cool picture!

In the past I've been what I will call a closet Halloween person. Wanting to make it a big deal, wanting to dress up... but never did because I never really had reason, or the people to share it with. And really I don't think Halloween is that big of a deal. But it can be very fun. My friend Michelle is a huge Halloween person, dressing up every year and going all out. Once I dressed up as Cinderella to with her to a frat house party when we were both in college. And 3 years ago I dressed up as a Gypsy to go to a party with her. Both times was lots of fun-and very different experiences in my life. I can't remember doing anything the past couple of years-but this year, this year-I've been invited to 2 parties! I'm super excited, and have a costume and everything.

Ever since I read The Great Gatsby in HS I've had a thing for the 1920's. Flapper girls were so X-rated during that time. And well I suppose I've always wanted to be X-rated, but I don't really give off that vibe, although I do know that sometimes the things that come out of my mouth can surprise the people I'm around! ;) So I'm going to be a girl from the 1920's-all the smoking and drinking. ....I HATE smoking, but it is still exciting. The dress I have to wear isn't your typical flapper dress. It's hard to describe, but it does have a 1920's flare with a shawl and hat. I'm sure I'll have pictures to share. I have the perfect shoes, and I've been looking at how to do my hair and makeup, and all of it together gets me so excited! Even better Denver has been unseasonable warm lately-today, tomorrow and Saturday will be in the 70's! Granted it won't be that nice once the sun sets, but it'll be warmer than normal. So I can dress up without having to put on a huge coat on.

Tomorrow night I'll be going to a party with my friend Ginny. Ginny is probably my closest friend in Denver. We bonded after finding out we are both from Albuquerque! She lives near me, and when she called me last night to go over plans for Halloween, and I told her I had a party to go to on Saturday, she goes "Oh, well this party is Friday. You should come with me to this party on Friday." You see this was a party Ginny was invited to, and now Ginny is invited me. So I ask her "Are you sure it is ok for me to come to this party?" She responds "Of course, you're with me!" Ginny makes me feel like I'm cool, which I appreciate. So I'm excited to go to this party. Carlos will be their-he happens to be my current crush. That gets me excited too!

Saturday night is a co-worker's party(from my previous job). Becca and her husband are throwing what will probably be a little bit more laid back type of party. I'm excited to go to see some people I haven't seen in awhile. And as always it'll be fun to possibly meet new people. ...You just never know!

Happy Halloween!


Nik said...

sounds fun. Take pictures! Are you going to light up your cig?

emily said...

Can't wait to see pictures! Smoking is gross, I hope you didn't actually smoke. But for the authenticity of the costume, I will give you props for it.