Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I think maybe only 1 or 2 people have ever asked me what my "screen name" means. And well I think it probably has a lot more meaning than what a screen name should mean. But whatever, I tend to find a different meaning in most things. So way back when my parents first got the Internet-Summer of 1998, and we got AOL my first screen name I believe was DolphinAM, or Dolphin80-because that was the year I got my dolphin tattoo. Then that got old, and I think I did BlueSoul80, and now it is BlueSoulAM. Blue, because that is my favorite color, and because blue reminds me of water. I love water. Not only is water the only thing I really drink, but I love what water represents. Pure, smooth, innocent, soft, but water call also turn into ice, which can be sharp, hard, thick. I also love to swim. Swimming is one of my great childhood memories. I used to go swimming almost every single day, and hated getting out of the pool. BlueSoul-together, well to be honest because I'm sad a lot. I deal with it very well, but for the most part I'm a sad person, so I have a blue soul. Not to say I'm not happy. Don't get me wrong, I am a happy person. In fact I think I'm a combination of both. Happy and Sad. I think I have my moments where I am feeling both happy and sad every single day. Lately my nights are sad, because I'm getting so sick of being alone. You read almost everywhere that people need love, need human contact. Yes, I have love, and yes I have human contact, but for the most part it is very limited. So that is where blue soul comes from. AM-those are my initials nothing too fancy around that. One thing that it does NOT mean is that I'm a morning person. That is one thing I am not. I like my sleep, even more I like sleeping in.

On a side note today has been super crazy at work. I've been here since 7am this morning, and will most likely be here past 5pm. I started this blog at around 11:30am, and am just now finishing it around 4pm. ...believe it or not I do actually work! ;) Their is a huge meeting tomorrow with the bosses bosses boss. And my boss has all of his Director's in town to prep for it.

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emily said...

That's interesting, I remember thinking in middle school that you always seemed kind of sad, even when you were happy, but I never would have categorized you as a sad person. Thanks for the info!