Wednesday, October 29, 2008

October Sucks

...for weight loss that is. I had a great September, and a not so hot October. I track my work outs by putting a "w" on the calendar for the days I go to the gym. It helps me be accountable, and I like to see when a month/year is over with how many days I went to the gym. I worked out 20 times in September, and by the time October is done with I think I'll only have 11 days for the month. Not so good. On a high note, I did however do my first 5k, and I did do a lot of walking in Chicago. The travel to Chicago, and then being sick really made me mess up my game. I haven't even worked out this week-at all(but I will work out tonight)! And now Halloween and all the candy. Oh the candy. I went grocery shopping Monday and picked up my trick or treater candy. I got Snickers, Reese's, and Baby Ruth's. All of which I enjoy. I should have picked out candy that I don't like, so that I don't eat it all! Plus I can pretty much count on left-overs. I think last year I only got 10 trick or treater's at my house. November is looking to be a crazy month. I will have guests in my house the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th weekend's of the month. So I hope I can get back on track with my 5 work outs a week. Another positive is the new gym, Lifetime Fitness, opens Tuesday November 11th. I can't wait! It is SO much closer than the current gym, and it won't be such a "job" to get out the door. My drive to the new gym is 5 minutes, compared to a current 15 minuets. I have also been cooking at home-a lot. I really enjoy cooking-hate cleaning up.
Changing subjects-my job. I really like my job. And Qwest overall. I plan on retiring with Qwest, if they keep me. I celebrated 5 years with the company on October 6th. Five years with the same company! Makes me feel accomplished. For 5 years Qwest recognizes you with a gift. I picked out a cordless phone, which I will give to my dad for Christmas. Then my boss got me a card and a "Thank you" thing that my department gives out as spiffs. I got to pick out a gift from that. I selected a bunch of Corning Ware kitchen supplies. Very cool. Even cooler, when I was so sick after my return from Chicago and my other boss saw that I was sick, he emailed my other boss about recommending I go home. So they sent me home. I was so relived. I didn't know how in this new job to call-in sick, so I just came into work sick. Even better I can work from home. But I'm worried. Qwest announced today they'll be cutting 1,200 jobs by the end of quarter. The department I work for is a great department, and I feel that my boss will protect me. But you just really never know. I've gone through a lay off before, and it sucks. I don't want to go through it again. Lets hope I work out more in November, and keep my job!


emily said...

Layoffs can be scary, I really hope you get to keep your job, especially after being there for 5 years. It seems like they would cut the most recent employees first, but who knows. Good luck with working out more in November! I'm impressed either way.

Nik said...

I'll be keeping you in my prayers. When would you find out if you were laid off?