Wednesday, August 24, 2011

warrior dash pics

these pictures are all over the place. so just sorta follow along and read the descriptions. i realized that in my previous post i forgot to say where the race was. we were in copper mountain, and from what i did see it was very pretty. much like a miniature vail. the village area was lots of fun, and that was the start/finish of the race, along with some live music and hanging out.
the view from our condo
post race: hanging out
me, christina, and annabelle
my friend brandi has 3 kiddos, the middle on avery has taken an attachment to chris, and at one point in time came up to him and said "hold me" in which she just fell asleep on his lap.
chris and avery
chris and sleeping avery
chris and avery playing
leaving lunch, post race, avery getting a ride from chris

our tank tops:
the buff and the beautiful

pre race: the group on the shuttle to the start
friday before the race:
kortny, chris, april, charlie, and justine
post race:
me, brandi, denise, april, annabelle, christina, kortny, justine
post race:
robbie, daniel, charlie, bobby, jerry, john, chris
during the race:
chris and i
pre race:
me, annabelle, april, justine, kortny, brandi
pre race: the group
post race: the group all muddy
post race: chris and i
i am proud of completing this race, and once i finished the race a friend reminded me of this quote "no matter how slow you go, you are still lapping everybody on the couch." true true.


the emily said...

I love your shirts, and the dirtyness. Cute.

Anonymous said...

Yes, loved the shirts and all the smiles:)

Love mom see ya soon