Monday, August 15, 2011

the calm before the storm

this weekend was a relaxing one for what is to come.
friday night chris and i had a very enjoyable "date night" with dinner and a movie with a twist. we checked out a new mexican restaurant jack 'n grill for dinner then headed to westminster city park to celebrate Chloe's 3rd birthday followed by a showing of "toy story 3". super super cute movie. i honestly expected to cry because i know a lot of people who cried during this movie, and i can definitely see some moments where tears were forming, but no tears were shed.
super cute little brother, ian
yummy monster cupcakes
saturday night was a early surprise birthday party for charlie! justine planned this surprise a month in advance just to throw charlie off, and it worked!

this little party was VIP all the way. justine reserved the whole patio area at Brio to help celebrate charlie!
chris and i
before the surprise
me, annabelle, and denise
charlie = the birthday boy, christina and i
chris and i
after dinner we headed to the glenn to continue the party.
christina, annabelle, brandi, april, me
pretty low key for what's to come! it was great to hang out with all the "VIP" kids since it seems like i had been awhile since we had all hung out outside of the gym.
core 30min


Nikki said...

Fun, April. I love all the pictures, and that beautiful dress you are wearing.

Anonymous said...

Fun . . . and great picture of Chris with a child!! :)

Good Luck with the Warrior Dash.

Look forward to blog and pics.

Love MOM