Thursday, August 4, 2011

~all kinds of crazy~

i must admit, i have a
girl crush on
minka kelly.
she's beautiful.
even her name, gorgeous.
oh and i just learned
she grew up in albuquerque.
who knew?


i had a dream this week that i was
camping with the
kardashian sister's.
and kim proposed to me
and her sisters were giving me a hard time because she proposed without a ring,
and i accepted.


just heard that a second
H&M store
is coming to denver.
to cherry creek!


i forgot a fork for work
and today.


i love surprises.


thank you emily
for your mom's
chicken spaghetti.
that was dinner
last night.


when i put on mascara i always start with my
top lashes.
right eye first,
then left.
then bottom lashes.
right eye,
then left.


i really love my library.
but i wish it was closer.


the current bus schedule is stupid.
there is a bus at 7:26am then again
three minutes later
at 7:29am.
the next one...
not until 7:43.


i'm so not ready
for the craziness
that will be the
rest of august.

treadmill 45min


the emily said...

i have several girl-crushes. It always weirds Dave out, but man, there are some hot chicks out there.

Awesome dream. Awesome.

You're welcome.

Me too (mascara).

I had an anniversary surprise for Dave but I couldn't wait, gave it to him tonight. Lame, right?

Nikki said...

Do you like Friday Night Lights? I was happy to find out that Minka lived in 'burque as well.

Rachel said...

I am boring and have no girl crushes. But if David Boreanez (I'm sure I'm misspelling that!) were to walk into my life, or Bradley Cooper...

And, the three times a year I wear mascara, I put it on the same way as you and Emily. Odd.

Anonymous said...

So entertaining . . . thanks ladies!