Sunday, August 21, 2011

not my idea of fun

the proof

this past weekend i sorta completed a race called the warrior dash. i registered for this race back on march 8th. 5+ months ago...thinking in my head this would be a great race to do 20 pounds lighter...especially since i figured losing 20 pounds in five months would be no problem. and well that subject is whole different post, so instead i'll focus on the race.

i did this race with about 15 of my friends, including Chris.

Chris and i drove up to the mountains friday afternoon. have i mentioned how much fun we have together? our conversation on the way was a great mix of serious conversation and god awful laughing! always a good time with this guy!

we had an early night friday night as all of us ran in the first wave of the race at 9am. we had group tank tops that read "the buff and the beautiful" and with a shot of fire the race began.

i was nervous going into this race because i knew some of the obstacles i wouldn't be able to do. and i didn't know if i would be "forced" to do them, or if i could just run around them.

the first portion of the race was just a run, which lead to the first obstacle of running through hanging tires. no big deal.

second obstacle was going up a wall with a rope at about a 45 degree angle. again not that big of a deal, although chris did have to push my a$$ up over the last edge of the wall. (thanks baby!)

third obstacle was a high/low. jump over a wall, squat under barb-wire. i had no desire to do the "up" part, but did do the down part.

the terrain between obstacle's three and four was a bunch of unevenness. i didn't like it, and at this point in time my right ankle was bothering me because of the strange gravel and the feeling of walking sideways.

the fourth obstacle was the mud pit, again with barbwire, forcing you to actually get in the mud. i was thankful that my friends advised of wrapping duck tape around my shoe so my shoes stayed on. needless to say i did do this obstacle, but i didn't "swim" in the mud, rather i squatted under the barbwire which got caught on my bib/tank a couple of times.

the fifth obstacle was a web of rope you had to crawl through. accomplished.

the sixth was i can only imagine of a dark hot tunnel. this one i didn't do.

following the sixth obstacle was what i assume was the seventh obstacle they titled "the summit" which is just a god awful uphill climb. it's this huge U-turn of a hill that you do that just seems it might just last for forever. at this point in time my knee's starting hurting. no bueno.

upon the decline are the rest of the obstacles that i didn't even attempt. they included but are not limited to:

a rope wall, crawling over a rope blanket, a balance beam, and climbing up a wall. all of those i didn't do, and just happily ran around.

the twelfth obstacle was two jumps over fire! oh yes, i am that hott!!! ;) ok, not really. accomplished.

during the race i kept thinking how nice it would be if i could look up and enjoy the beautiful scenery that surely surrounded me. but i was too scared of tripping and falling. ...i mean really, what is the point of having these races at a beautiful locations when you can't even appreciate where you are?! the other thing i was asking myself was: am i having fun? i knew that once i completed the race that's what my friends would ask me. did i have fun? the answer to that question is, no. this race is not my idea of fun. this race is something that i did because my friends invited me to do it, and i like to do stuff with my friends.

am i glad that i did it, yes? but then i didn't really do it, because i cheated. i didn't do all of obstacles. but if someone asks if i've done the warrior dash i will say yes. and i suppose i am happy i can say that i did it, but i doubt something like this will happen again in my future.

i'm super happy Chris was there to do it with me. like me, he basically did the race to spend time with me, not because it is his idea of fun.

stayed tuned for more pictures!


Anonymous said...

Can hardly wait for the pics.

Just love, love your narrative what a visionary!!! And then some!

No fun but really the point . . . you did it what an accomplishment how many of us would just be stand byers to route you on. no big deal on what you didn't do its what you did do and that is BIG!!!

Love you MOM

Nikki said...

ha, you are too funny. Well, now you can say you've done it and you can check that off your list.

sarahlove said...

When I walked part of the marathon I completed I remember thinking that maybe that meant it didn't count. Then I thought, 'Did I cover the distance, regardless of how I got there?' You better believe it! (At one point I thought I might have to crawl!) I know that you could have completed 100% of the tasks on the race. YOU can do so much more than you think you can..... that will come with time dear friend. :) AND still you were there and YOU TRIED though and that's what counts!! IT COUNTS! I am so proud of you April!!!!!

the emily said...