Tuesday, August 9, 2011

a little bit fairy tale

You know how you sometimes read those stories that make you say out loud “wow, that person is so lucky.” Or, “I would love for something like that to happen to me.”??? Well right now that is my life. I can’t even try to explain the type of happiness going on around me right now, but I can’t help but share some of the things that have happened recently.

I’ve shared with some family and friends individual stories about my life, one of whom is my friend Sarah. I’ve mentioned her before just because of her love of love. I would often talk to her about my discomfort in my single status but always try to be strong in realizing that being single is ok. That throughout my journey and overcoming being depressed I was happy. Well during one of our conversations (via text) we were chatting about the reality show “The Bachelor”. Like most people (or maybe not for that matter) I keep important texts on my phone. Mainly ones that I know will bring me up when I am feeling down, or ones that have special meaning to me. Well back on October 19, 2010 I asked Sarah: “Why do we watch these shows?!”…or something like that. I actually don’t have what I wrote saved in my text messages, but what I do have saved in my phone is her response: “Because we want to be Cinderella.” I have her response saved, because it is true. For me wanting to be Cinderella is more of a feeling, it isn’t the beauty and glamour. It’s the love and the support, in addition to a little bit of sparkle! What they say about everything being more colorful and vibrant when you are in love is so true. Right now my whole world is bright!

Here’s a little story:

The Sunday I returned to Denver from Albuquerque I was on a morning flight. I knew I would be anxious to get back home and see Chris, so I took the first nonstop flight that morning. The Thursday prior I had dinner with Chris and his Dad. While Chris’s dad was in town Chris did some car shopping. That Thursday he test drove some cars and while at dinner I asked how the day went. Chris advised: “I test drove some family sedans.” I sarcastically commented: “Well, that’s good considering you have a family!!!” His response: “No, I just have a slow girlfriend!” Ha ha, very funny. At the end of dinner while saying good-bye, Marty (Chris’ dad) invited me to come see him and his family in Nebraska anytime.

Once I arrived in Albuquerque Friday morning Chris and I had talked, and he was at the car dealership getting ready to buy the car. I could tell he was excited. When we talked later that day he let me know that they couldn’t get the numbers to work, and that he didn’t purchase the car. I was a little bit surprised by this, and my gut told me he was lying, but I decided to let it go and not give him a hard time about it.

We had spoken a couple of times on Saturday before my parents and I went to church and then dinner. While driving home from dinner I saw that I had a missed call and a voicemail from Chris. The message was a simple one stating he missed me, and was excited for me to come back home. I thought the message was a little weird considering we had already spoken that day, but it was sweet and appreciated nonetheless. Later that evening I drove to see my cousin Kari and while on the drive I called Chris and asked him what he did during the day. He let me know he went to Cherry Creek Mall just to walk around. I asked if he went for any specific reason, and he said no. Again, nothing too unusual about this, as Cherry Creek is a very nice mall and Chris does like to walk around it. Once I arrived at Kari’s I made a sarcastic comment of: “I bet he went to look at diamonds!” Please know, that I was completely kidding, but for some reason in my gut I knew it was true.

Moving along to Sunday morning at the airport, and Chris picking me up at passenger pick up. He pulls up in his new car! He’s super excited, and I ask him why he lied. He makes a witty response of having to be sneaky, and that seeing the look on my face was worth it. We get into the new car that has dual temperature setting (one of the selling features since I’m always so cold), and he is showing me the GPS system etc… Once on the main road exiting the airport he reaches behind the passenger seat where I am sitting to grab something. I thought that maybe it would be flowers or a card, instead he puts a Zale’s gift bag on my lap.


This immediately gets my heart racing because something like this has never happened to me before. Very rarely have I ever gotten a gift just because, let alone a gift that is obviously fine jewelry!!! I smile at him at ask “What is this?!” He says “It’s not what you think. Just open it.” I open it up and it is a beautiful diamond pendant necklace. So so beautiful, that I start crying. I ask him what it is for. And his simple response is “because I love you.” I repeat my question, and he replies “I can’t think of a better reason, can you?”

How amazing is it, that I have this amazing man who truly spoils me every way possible and then goes and does something like this!?!?

I feel so fortunate. Things with Chris and I are just right. And if you are trying to put together a time line in your heard, let me just acknowledge that yes things seem to be moving fast. But Chris and I are very comfortable with that, and know that this is our relationship and our time line of how things go are only between the two of us. Neither one of us does something that we don’t want to do. And that is what’s important.

The past couple of years have been full of first's for me, and my experience with Chris is now included. Never have I been in a relationship that just seems so easy, and one where I have so much fun. Never have I been given a diamond anything, let alone a diamond from my boyfriend. Never have I felt so comfortable and at ease to include this person into my everyday life.

Right now I truly do feel as though I’m living my very own fairy tale with my very own prince charming.

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Anonymous said...

Oh April I am so happy for you! Who cares about timelines, in the space of 1 year I was married and pregnant =) Congratulations on all that you have accomplished and I wish you and Chris nothing but happiness!!!

Rachel P said...

April, that's amazing! When you know, you know. Who cares what anyone else says. I'm so happy for you and you totally deserve this. Sounds like you found a winner!

the emily said...

WOW. I've been so excited to see a picture! What a fun story.

So when Dave and I had very first started dating, I had very recently had my heart broken and I was not moving as fast as he wanted to. We broke up like 6 times in two weeks. Anyway, my roommate Christina came home from class one day and said she'd walked home with Dave and that he told her he'd gotten a job because he wanted to buy me presents (he'd been living on student loans). I had never dated somebody that gave me presents before, so I was totally excited about this. So after a few weeks he comes over and brings me this bag, and I am so excited to see my first present. I opened it up and burst out laughing. It was two A&W frosty mugs. Like, glass beer mugs, but for rootbeer. I think a diamond necklace is FAR superior. :)

Rachel said...

You are only moving too fast if either of you feels rushed. :-) When you know, you know. And when you know, why wait?

And, I am so, so happy for you. And for Chris. I think it's safe to say you are both so lucky to have eachother.

Sarahlove said...

Sparkle away my friend!!! Love makes everything feel alive!