Tuesday, August 16, 2011


i talk a lot about change in my blog. about the change i've created in my life over the past 2 years. i've noticed that big life changes seem to take the course in two year increments. people meeting, getting married, having kids. two years. i've changed my life over the past two years while keeping the faith that someone would change my life.
well it seems as though those two years have begun.
i've received lots of comments and questions in regards to why i'm moving, where i'm moving to...the curiosity behind the selling of some of my home items. well now the answer to your questions and comments.
i am not going anywhere.
chris is moving in.
it's right. it's great. it's a process that has been underway since i returned from albuquerque last month and will become official next month.
i've had my moments of freak out just because i've never done anything like this before, but i'm happy and everyday that passes i'm learning more and just getting more happy.
things are progressing exactly how they should.
at the end of the month we are driving to nebraska, where chris is from, so that i can meet his mom and younger sister. then the first weekend of october we'll venture to new mexico for him to meet my parents.
i truly can't believe that this is my life!
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Rachel said...

So I know this is the comment I leave about 95% of the time right now, but....

I am so happy for you, April! Exciting, exciting times!!!

Anonymous said...

My dearest Denver Angel, you patience is paying off big time!!

Can hardly wait for hugs and more hugs all the way around.

i can truly believe that this is your well deserved life.

Thoughts, prayers and lots of love, MOM