Sunday, August 7, 2011

for sale

if you are in the denver area and are in need of any of the following please contact me.
pictures will be posted on facebook later this week, or you can email me and i'll send them to you.

  • california king mattress/box springs

  • queen mattress/box springs/frame

  • 36in RCA tv or a 36in Sharp tv

  • entertainment system that holds a 36in tv

  • bedroom set - headboard, dresser with mirror, dresser (2), nightstand.

  • PS 2 game system

  • kitchen stuff

  • queen size sheets/pillows

  • coffee pot/maker

  • end tables

  • desk

  • kitchen table with chairs

  • tall lamp
i'm sure i'll update this list as i think of items. but that's all i can think of for right now.

master step 60min


the emily said...

Are you moving? That's a lotta stuff!

Rachel P said...

Why are you selling so much stuff, dude? I wish I lived there! :-D

Anonymous said...

Hope you make lots of $$$$$