Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Karaoke Christmas Eve Style

I had a fun Christmas Eve with my family in Albuquerque. We had our usual Christmas Eve dinner at my Aunt Patti's where I brought a very tasty corn casserole! The evening continued on with majority of us joining in singing and playing a Karaoke version of guitar hero. It was a great time. My little 12 year old second cousin Riley, who I am very close to, sang "Hotel California" and "Crazy Train". He is quite the little man. It was a lovely addition to what has become our ever changing traditions.
Riley~singing like the rock star he is
The family jammin' out

Son and Dad~Riley learns from the BEST!

Rock on!


Wonderer said...

what fun! :-)

emily said...

that game is SO FUN. I wish we had it! My husband's best friend growing up created guitar hero and we saw him over Thanksgiving break. I feel so cool 'cause I know him. We only have guitar hero though, but I'm dying for karaoke revolution and rockband. maybe next christmas!

reflections said...

I'm sorry we didn't get together. It has been nuts around here. Next time FOR SURE!

I'm glad you had a good visit!

Nikki said...

Fun times. Hope you have a fabulous New Year Celebration. Love you!