Friday, May 2, 2014

Our Book

 4/27/14: 37w1d baby bump (more like a mountain, but whatever)
A decision has been made with Baby Sweat and when he or she may make their arrival.  I have no desire or need to share the decision, as I know that this decision could easily go out the window, as I know Baby Sweat will come when he or she is happy and ready.  It was basically a simple process of elimination, lots of praying, reading advice, and going with my gut.  I know it’s the best choice for me and my baby, while at the same time knowing that there isn’t really such a thing as a “planned” birth.  Regardless of when the end date comes, its soon, and I know once it is here I’ll look back at this time and not second guess myself, because I’ll be looking at a beautiful little being that my husband and I created out of pure love.
When Chris and I left the doctor’s office on Thursday and told our doctor what we decided, Chris was expressing his excitement over how soon the baby will be here.  He mentioned our journey and how each year seems to top the next.  How he’s super excited for this chapter of becoming parents.  He then asked me what I would title our book, and I immediately said “Sweatin’ It Out” and that one of things he has taught me and one of things I love about him, is to just let it go, and to go with the flow. He’s always been confident that we would get pregnant, and that it would happen when it was suppose to.  Chris rarely worries, as he just knows things will work out as they should.  This is something that I’ve always needed to work on, and having Chris in my life has definitely helped.  I do still worry, and question things, but I think I’m more aware of it now, and just try to breath and know that everything will be as it should regardless of my worrying or not. 
Then I asked what Chris would title his book, and he appropriately responded with “No Sweat”.  His laid back approach simply put into two words.  We’ve been on a crazy ride, and things are about to get crazier. 
This pregnancy journey is coming to an end, and it feels surreal.  I’m part of a “May 2014 Moms” group online, and a lot of mom’s have already had their babies (25 to be exact, out of how many, I have no idea) and they post these pictures of these little babies, and I find it extremely hard to comprehend that that little baby was just inside that mother’s womb.  I try to picture my little baby inside of me, and I.Just.Can’t.  I know that once I see my baby I’ll wonder how in the world that it came from inside of me.  I suppose that’s why life is such a miracle.  You know it happens, you see it happen, but you still question its possibility.  To know that God had a special hand in making every single cell, fiber, wrinkle, and little hair on my baby assures me that everything is going to be ok.


Elizabeth Venegas said...

I meant to comment on your last post but got distracted. I wanted to tell you the best piece of advice I have for any new mom....learn to trust yourself. Do your research, ask questions, talk to family and friends, and then make YOUR decision....for YOUR child, YOUR family, YOUR life. Make the right decisions for the right reasons and let the cards fall where they may.

For any issue with pregnancy and child-rearing, you will find many people on either side of the fence. Some will be kind, some will be pushy, some will be passionate, some will tell very convincing personal stories, some will be rude, some will be supportive, some will be judgmental. Respect their opinions, but you don't need to defend every action you take.

Enjoy your last few weeks of pregnancy, and I wish you the best of luck as you meet your new baby.

Emily Foley said...

I'm glad you've made a decision and I hope it all works out how you want it to. I also love that Chris is the yin to your yang. You guys fit so well.

I know the feeling of the miracle of life. It's just astounding that two tiny cells can create this living, breathing person. It is such a miracle! And the best thing ever is going from hearing the baby's heart beat on the monitor while you're in labor to actually seeing the baby take his first breath. It is just a moment you will never forget. It's so incredible. I love this post! It sounds like you're at peace and that's what matters most. good luck mama!