Tuesday, May 27, 2014

2 weeks

Helena had her 2 week check-up today, and little girl is already growing up too fast!

Height: 21.5 inches - 95%
Weight: 8lbs 9oz - 75%
Head: 14" - 50%

She's getting long!

The past 2 weeks and 3 days are pretty blurry, but I want to try and document as much as possible to remember this short newborn time in Helena's life.  So here goes.

Our biggest struggle is nursing.  She latched on right away after birth and got some colostrum but after her weight went down to only 7 pounds (her birth weight was 7lbs 15oz) we started her on donor milk in the hospital, and formula once we got home, and this created a lazy sucker.  And I mean sucker in the literal since.  She truly won't suck, as she's now spoiled with the instant gratification of the bottle.  Right now our solution is lots of pumping (we thankfully found a hospital grade pump to rent), and the use of the nipple shield.  She thankfully eats like a champ with the nipple shield and gives me the feeling of nursing, and being able to comfort and feed my baby.  It hasn't been easy, but we are learning.  She officially surpassed her birth weight last Thursday 5/22, when she weighted in at 8 pounds.  She definitely lets us know when she in hungry.  Her other big milestone was losing her umbilical cord on Sunday 5/25 night.  My little baby is truly growing up!

She's growing more and more curious.  You can see her big eyes looking around, trying to soak everything in.  I'm loving seeing her personality come out. 

I'm really proud of us for continuing to live life.  I think I had a fear that having a baby would stop me from doing anything.  I think having a Spring baby has definitely played a role in this, and for that I'm thankful.  We've been out of the house quite a bit, considering we have a newborn, and it feels good. 

Chris is a rock star.  Seeing him as a Dad as made me fall in love with him more and more.  And I don't think there is anything like seeing a man with his daughter.  He dances with her, and just loves her so much.  He's done most of the dirty work, meaning he has changed most of her diapers.  I think I've only changed maybe 10 diapers since she's been born!  He's been super encouraging with me during the times I've been frustrated and couldn't breastfeed.  He wakes up with me for her middle of the night feedings, changes her, and feeds her while I pump.  To say he is my partner in this, is an understatement.  He is giving his all, and I am so appreciative of that. 

Her pediatrician is happy with her, and her progress thus far.  Our first trip out of the house with her was to see the pediatrician on Wednesday 5/14 where she immediately peed on the table after the nurse got her weight.  Chris asked for a diaper, and I didn't bring the diaper bag!  I didn't even think of it!  We had left the house with absolutely nothing to care for our newborn baby.  It was pretty comical, and thankfully we got some diapers from the nurse.  Then today she did the same thing: peed on the table.  But thankfully I did bring the diaper bag, so I was better prepared.

Helena for the most part is a good baby.  She excels at all things newborn.  She sleeps well, eats well, and poops well!  She likes to be swaddled, and loves to eat.  She prefers to be held.  She's a jerker, and will squirm in her sleep.  She makes lots of goofy faces, and randomly smiles in her sleep.  She has super small ears, and really long fingers and toes.  I think her face has changed the most since her birth.  Right now her eyes are a steel gray, and I truly hope that they stay that way, or change to a dark blue.  Her hair color as also changed.  She was born with almost black hair, and it has gotten more brown with reddish tints to it over the past 2 weeks.

I'm doing good.  My incision is healing, and I'm doing lots of walking.  The days go by super quick, it's amazing how fast time is going.  I'm focusing on this short-lived newborn time.  Helena is so small, that we went out and bought some more newborn clothing and newborn diapers.  We were truly prepared for a 10 pound baby!  Everywhere we go people are mesmerized by her, and how small she is.  I feel so blessed to have this little one. 


Rachel said...

What a great update!

Another tool that might help Helena nurse better is an SNS - a supplemental nursing system. :-)

Jimmy said...

I know I've already said this but I'm saying it again--she really is a beautiful baby!

Summer said...

We used a nipple shield. It's hard, I'm so sorry! He started weaning off it with help before I had to stop nursing altogether.