Friday, May 16, 2014

Pregnancy Week 35 - 38

4/27/14: 37w1d

Last night at Dance Jam: 5/8/14: 38w5d

Week 35: 4/13 - 4/19 (coconut)
Took our Breastfeeding class this week, and got the house prepped by getting the vents and carpet cleaned.  Worked out twice, which felt great.  Found out at the doctor's office that baby's official eviction will be set for 5/13, when I'll check in at the hospital that night. 

Week 36: 4/20 - 4/26 (honeydew)
Celebrated Easter, and feel so blessed.  Had my last growth ultrasound, and baby is nearing the 9 pound mark, and still has 3 weeks to cook.  The doctor has given us the option to do a scheduled c-section.  I honestly have no idea what to do.  I feel like this is my first big "mother" decision to make, and I'm already clueless.
Week 37: 4/27 - 5/3 (winter melon)
We met with our doula this week, and she gave us some good options if we decide to go the c-section route.  I'm doing lots and lots of praying that baby will come on its own sometime before 5/10.  It's crazy to think that my life is about to drastically change for forever.  We've made a decision, and baby will be here no later than 5/10.  One more week!  Chris planned a fabulous last "date" on Saturday.  We had the most fantastic brunch and massage!
Week 38: 5/4 - 5/10 (pumpkin)
We have days left, and this pregnancy will be coming to an end.  I feel bittersweet and am trying to enjoy each moment as i know these moments will soon be replaced by other beautiful moments.  I'm loving peoples reactions to me: "Wow, you are really pregnant."  I'm growing more and more anxious, in addition to the actual growing part.  My belly has started to itch, and I don't like it!


Emily Foley said...

Oh the itching! I had a friend ask once why pregnant women are always scratching their tummies and I'm like THE ITCHING MY GOSH THE ITCHING!! It's the worst. I got crazy stretch marks with my first pregnancy and they itched sooo bad.

Summer said...

Yep, the itching is the worst. Can't wait to hear about that sweet girls arrival!