Wednesday, May 21, 2014

What's in a Name & 3 Years

 One of the tasks of having a baby is choosing a baby name.  Since we didn't know if baby was a boy or a girl, we picked out a name for each.  Thankfully Chris and I are pretty decisive, and we decided on our names back in November. 
Who knows how old I was, but I've had my girl name picked out since I was young.  My middle name is Helene which came from my Grandma Egan, her name is Helen.  My Mom's Mom passed away when she was just 18, so I never got to meet my Grandma Egan.  But throughout my life I've always been told that I have my Grandma Egan's spirit.  I've been told that we were a lot alike, and both lived a little bit on the road less taken.  Because of my close relationship with my Grandpa Egan, I've always felt super close to my Grandma Egan, even though we never met.  But I do truly feel a closeness to her.  I loved how my middle name represents her, but in a different version, with the addition of the "e" at the end.  It's her, but it's different, and that is what makes in mine.  That's where I came up with Helena.  I've always really loved my middle name, and love the name Helena, and how it like my middle name, represents my Grandma Egan, but in a different way, with the addition of the "a".  I think the name is classic but different, without being too different.
I'm so happy that Chris agreed to it.  Back in October we were talking about baby names and he said that if the baby was a girl, her name would be Helena.  I didn't think he had completely agreed on it, so when he brought it up, I was pleasantly surprised.  I kept asking for confirmation so that when/if months from then he tried to change the name I could tell him that he did indeed agree to the name Helena.  He then wrote out the above contract.  It reads:
I CS & AS agree to name said baby Helena.  If it is indeed a girl - with the option to continue the name search.  This name is the choosing of the wife and if its used the husband will get first choice on the middle name.
From that point we never really discussed any other names.  I did have a middle name chosen, but Chris wasn't a fan of that, so he did have full say on her middle name of Grace.  He wanted a biblical name, which is where Grace comes from.  And I love it. 
Helena means Bright One.  And that's exactly what she is.  She has brought so much brightness into our lives, and I know she will continue to do so.
On another note, it was today 3 years ago when Chris and I went on our very first date.  As we sat on the couch this morning and reminisced we felt overwhelmed with the blessings we've received over the past 3 years.  We've created a lot over the past 3 years and I can't help but feel extremely thankful.  Chris as shown me love beyond my wildest dreams, including this new love in our daughter that I can't even put into words.  I'm looking forward to showing our daughter our love, while we fall more in love with her and each other.  

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