Sunday, January 22, 2012

Not this Year

Unlike some years in the not so distant past, I was not alone this year for my birthday. This year Chris planned a fun date night. It started with dinner at Corridor 44 along Larimer Square. This restaurant had an awesome atmosphere and has tons of champagne to try! So Chris and I got a champagne flute (or flight?, I can't remember what they call them) to share!

After dinner we went over to Lannie's clocktower Cabaret Show! Chris and I have talked about going to this show in the past, so it was a pleasant surprise. Chris went all out, and got us front-row VIP tickets! The show itself was 2.5 hours of pure entertainment. So funny, and just over-all a blast. The burlesque dancers were cute and had lots of personality, and at one point in time both Chris and I were up on stage! ...him tossing marshmallows into a girl's mouth on a unicycle, and me receiving burlesque dance instructions on how to "shake it"!
During the one intermission a magician came out and did a card trick just for us. He had both Chris and I select a card from the stack of 52 cards. I put my card back into the pile, while Chris was instructed to tear his card long-ways. The magician then ripped the card in two more spots, giving me one of the torn-up pieces to hold on to. Then, right before our eyes he put the card back together! Once he completed that he came back to my card by saying "You selected a card..." after going back and forth a little about how he was going to predict what card I selected, he finally goes "What if I told you, your card is somewhere on you, in an impossible place? about you like on your right forearm." At that moment he walks away, I lift my arm from the table and pull up my sleeve and see a stamp on my forearm that reads "9 of hearts". ...which you guessed it, was the card I selected at the beginning of the trick!

How'd he do that?!

after the show with my pink feather boa!
The Denver clocktower has lots of significance for Chris and I. Behind the clocktower is a little park area with grass, where Chris and I sat and got to know one another on our second date. It's also where he took me to propose in November. It's in the heart of downtown, right on the 16th Street Mall, and beautiful. It's one of the historic buildings in Denver, and just...pretty.
I've definitely had memorable birthdays in my past, along with some birthdays I would rather just forget. But this one will always be near and dear to my heart, as I shared it with my future husband. And we had a great time, full of lots of laughs and happy memories!


Nikki said...

Cool! How did he do that? I am glad you had a great person to share your birthday with!

Emily Foley said...

Magic is the weirdest thing ever. Seriously, how did he do that?

You look gorgeous! It sounds like a fantastic birthday, friend.

Anonymous said...

So magically fantastically happy . . . happy birthday
young lady you and Chris make such good looking couple. Many historic events to come and look forward too.

Love ya and am anxious to see you soon,

Rachel said...

Sounds like such a fun time! That magician sounds so neat.

sarahlove said...

I always want to know the 'tricks' to magic but then once I find out it takes away the fun mystery and then I wish I never knew. Once you know... you can't go back and erase. FUN!!!