Sunday, January 1, 2012

a new year: 2012

happy 2012 everyone!
a new year, a new blog...some changes and some updates!
the year that i have dreamed of my entire life is! it is happening. i'm planning my wedding, and i'm getting married! so much still needs to be done, and the countdown is almost to 9 months...
one of the biggest changes that has to do with YOU...the no more blogging only when i workout. this wasn't an easy decision to come to, but life is changing, so things must change. i have lots going on and so much to blog about. and i have a blog post in mind entirely just for this subject.
the blog will now be a normal update blog...i'm not too sure how i'm going to incorporate my workouts into my blog, but i still want that to be a focus, i just don't know how.
normal life updates, wedding updates, weight loss updates.
i have plans in place for all of the above, and i can't wait to blog about it all!
i've had some questions/comments in regards to the blog name. the name will change, as i have thought about this. but the actual change won't happen until after we are married. just know that it is coming.

our christmas and new year's was great. we were in albuquerque with my family. and got quality time everywhere, including wedding favor shopping completed!, in addition to my first time ever trying on wedding gowns!!!
new year's was definitely more initimate, and some much needed time just chris and i. chris got us a cabin up in Estes Park, CO where we stayed for two nights and relaxed and just hung out.

i wish all of us a healthy, happy, and blessed new year! i have a feeling that 2012 is going to be fantastic!!!


sarahlove said...

You are such a planner April! I love that you are going to continue your writing.... and I hope Chris will be a your first guest speaker! ;)

I am so happy that you got to try on dresses! I nearly squealed with delight for you! YAY!

A cabin? Are you kidding me???? If you say you roasted marshmallows in the fireplace too, I'm gonna be about 1000 times more jealous! But seriously, how romantic! LOVE!

Emily Foley said...

I think that's great. Mostly because I know you're so busy and don't work out every day anymore but I still want to hear EVERYTHING. Hurray for changes and 2012!

Tammy said...

Am I invited to the wedding??;) JK. I would show up though!! This is going to be an amazing, crazy, fun year for you..enjoy it and don't let it overwhelm you.