Saturday, January 7, 2012

holiday break 2011

I have lots of things that I love. About my life, about Chris, and about our lives together. One of things I love is the fact we both work in corporate America. A perk to this is that we both only take 4 days off from work and get a week and a half off. Granted this isn't a full 2 week break, but it's pretty darn close, and I'll take it!
Chris and I decided back in July that we would spend Christmas in Albuquerque. This was a big deal, because never had I brought a boyfriend home for the holidays. ...actually lets change boyfriend to fiance! I was super excited to share my crazy and loving family with him.
Then in October/November we decided we would save some money and drive. I've always flown home for Christmas, just because the weather is such a risk. And over the past 9 Christmas' only 2 have had bad road conditions. One of those two were this (last) year! In addition to the stress of the weather, I always stress when I go home (fiance or not). I want everything to go good, and to make everyone happy. What I hate the most about this self imposed stress that I put on myself, is that it always turns out just fine. Even though I know it'll be fine, I still stress out and have a couple of freak out moments.
Once the drive down was complete (we did hit some snow-packed and icy roads south of Pueblo and north of Trinidad) all was great.

Christmas Eve was spent at my cousin Kari's. She did a great job hosting, as this was the first time in probably 20 years the Christmas Eve dinner wasn't at my Aunt Patti's. We had lots of great food, and Chris was a fabulous addition to the festivities.

I planned a special date night for the two of us, to go up the Sandia Peak Tram, then dinner in Old Town. Sounds fantastic right? See the sun set in the city does produce some pretty majestic color, then have a nice dinner...

Well due to high winds, we experienced a stay much longer atop the base of the tram...about four hours! So no nice dinner was had. But overall still a fun night.
The last night we were in town, I had planned our 6th Annual Girl Cousin Dinner at the Melting Pot! Such fun as always with these girls!
Nikki, me, Cheryl, and Kari
New Year's Eve was reserved for just Chris and I. With all of the traveling we do, none of it has really been for the sole purpose of just the two of us. And that's what New Year's Eve was for. We traveled away for just us and no one else. We went up to Estes Park, CO (about an hour and fifteen minutes away) and got a private cabin! Talk about getting away and relaxing, that's what we did for 2 nights.

We did travel out on New Year Eve's day. We went to a winery, and walked around the town and shops. Then off to one of the best meals either one of us has ever had. We had dinner at Twin Owls Steakhouse. And oh my goodness, I'm still salivating over this delicious meal! My meal was pinon crusted chicken with mushrooms, grilled veggies, and white cheddar whipped mashed potatoes with green chiles! For the most part sounds like a pretty basic meal, but wow oh wow the flavor was amazing! So if you are ever in this small mountain town, you have got to go check it out!
Overall my holiday break was great. I got a lot of accomplished with the wedding...that update is coming up next!, with some quality time with my future husband. Not too shabby.
Here's to the rest of a great 2012!
treadmill 15min/elliptical 25min


Emily Foley said...

Why didn't you eat at the restaurant at the top of the tram? Is that not there anymore? Looks like a really fun Christmas week for you guys. I love family get togethers and I especially LOVE Melting Pot! So jealous.

Nikki said...

Our family, crazy? :)

So happy to see you and Chris, it was great to get to know him better!

sarahlove said...

The cabin. I can't get over it. I want to go to one so much! Sounds really romantic. ;)