Thursday, January 26, 2012

the MOT-B

mom and i @ the mother's day 5k ~ 2011
i can't remember exactly, but on our 2nd or 3rd trip to our new church the pastor told a story about the Mother Of The Bride. aka the MOT-B. i thought it was ironic since Chris and I were recently engaged, and my mother was so excited to be the mother of the bride.
the story went something like this. the MOT-B did lots of planning and prepping for her daughter's wedding, and wanting everything to go perfectly. the day had arrived, and as the bride heads to walk down the aisle with her father, the bride walks through the reception area grabbing bites to eat, and taking drinks, as the bride hasn't eaten all day. she reaches her father and they walk down the aisle, the bride is mixed with nerves and an all of a sudden full stomach. once she reaches her soon to be groom, she looks over at her mother and throws-up all over the place.
the lesson - you can plan and plan, and things will still go wrong.
i told this story to my mom, and she immediately held onto the title "the MOT-B". now my mom isn't anything like the mother of the bride described above. in fact, she has made it clear many times that this is day is all about Chris and I, and that Chris and I are the boss! (thanks mom!)
well i'm super excited to have my MOT-B arriving in Denver tomorrow to go over all things wedding!!!! i seriously can't wait to have her here all to myself, for her to get to know Chris more, for her to see us as a couple in the comfort of our own home.
the main events are wedding dress shopping and attending a bridal fair! in addition to a couple of caterers, invitations, flowers, music, etc...


Emily Foley said...

That is SO EXCITING! I hope you guys have a blast and get everything done that you need to do. Write everything down and take lots of pictures so you don't forget this awesome time with your MOT-B.

Rachel said...

FUN! Wedding planning is just so much fun! :-)

Nikki said...

Have fun!

Anonymous said...

And I had a ball!!! What a great memorable time we
had . . . and soooo exciting.

Love ya, miss ya terribly. . MOT-B

sarahlove said...

You and your mom are so cute! I love your traditions!!!