Monday, July 21, 2014

another random post

my latest obsession is taking pictures of Helena while she is asleep.
i don't think i've ever seen something so


i'm officially calling it:
Helena is OFF of the nipple shield. 
we have yet to nurse in public, but i'm pretty sure we've jumped over that hurdle!
i'm so thankful.
i remember thinking she would NEVER nurse.  then when she latched with the nipple shield i was so incredibly happy, and thought she would NEVER latch without it.  and now here we are 10 weeks later, and we're finally where i wanted to be!  all my friends said it would get easier, and they were RIGHT!  i'm so thankful for being persistent, even though there were numerous times i wanted to stop trying and just give her formula.  or times i would think "i can't do this.  it has to be one or the other." 
i have a pretty good system in place with pumping; getting milk to freeze and to feed (she usually gets a bottle in the middle of the night or first thing in the morning, if not both), so hopefully soon we'll be able to put the formula away, and she'll just be eating breast milk!
i've started taking the herbal supplement more milk special blend by motherlove.  it has definitely helped.  my milk supply still isn't quite where i want it to be, but i'm getting more than what i was, and that's a huge improvement, and is helping with the elimination of formula!


baby girl has bows!
thanks to grandma sweat!
it's the cutest little thing you ever  did see!

i've been in denial for way too long, but i've finally started the daycare search.
we'll be checking out 2 places this week.
i need something in place by 9/15.
the biggest problem is i only need 3 hours of care in the afternoon twice a week.  not even part time.  i really don't want to pay for more than what we need.
any ideas?, suggestions?, recommendations?  ...send 'em my way please!


Helena is a rockstar while going out in public.  on saturday we had a nice long lunch with my cousin Brad that was in town.  she was awake and quiet most of the time in the restaurant.  i was so proud!


we'll be trying yoga again tomorrow!


i'm so happy that Helena loves bath time.  i myself love the water, so i love that she loves it too!


in my mind Helena is slowly getting on a schedule, and i love her afternoon nap!

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Emily Foley said...

I love bows on baby girls, SO cute.

I have no advice on the daycare situation. I figure if they know exactly what you need they can charge you for that and no more, right?