Thursday, July 17, 2014

all kinds of crazy ~ baby edition

baby and i had a great day, with a GIANT milestone!
today is the first day Helena ate withOUT
the nipple shield!
huge score for baby girl!


in addition to nursing we went to the bank and costco,
and hung out at my friend Sarah's house with her two
Helena was fantastic all day long.


and since it wasn't raining today we were able to go out on our normal evening walk.


how cool is it that my wedding anniversary is 10/5
and my daughter's birthday is 5/10?!
we attempted baby and me yoga on tuesday with my friend Andrea and her son Grayson.
it unfortunately wasn't successful.
Helena pretty much wanted to eat and fuss the whole time.
but i did learn some stretches and baby massage that i've been doing at home.
sometimes when i'm watching TV and Helena is screaming bloody murder, i feel like she's loud enough that the people inside the TV can hear her, and i want to apologize to them.
per her great-grandmother's advice,
Helena wears socks everyday.
i'm impressed that we have yet to lose a sock at almost 10 weeks old!
i've started freezing my breast milk.
definitely feeling proud.
we're signing to Helena.
mainly we sign "milk" and "mommy loves Helena" and "daddy loves Helena".
we do that over and over and over again.
tomorrow is a pool day!


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Emily Foley said...

I'm so glad things are going so well for you!