Friday, July 11, 2014

Two Months

hanging out with Denali

Helena had her two month doctor's visit today, and I can't believe my little girl is growing up. 

Height: 23.5 inches (90%)
Weight: 10 lbs 7 oz (50%)
Head: 15 inches (50%)

It's crazy to me that she weights what she was predicted to weight at birth, at two months of age.  She's definitely growing.  Her 3 month clothing is still a little big on her, but she's growing exactly how she should!  She's a little drooler, and drools like crazy.  The doctor said it could mean she's getting ready to teeth, or it couldn't, and used her own son as an example.  She said her son started drooling at 3 months, but didn't get his first tooth until 10 months.  So time will tell, but I'm definitely not ready for little girl to get teeth.  I'll be happy if she waits another 4 months.
Helena accidentally latched, and actually nursed some without the nipple shield last week.  The feeling and closeness brought me to tears.  By "accidentally" I mean, she ripped the nipple shield off of me, and just latched right back so fast without realizing it.  Now that I know she can feed without the shield, we're trying more and more without it.  But for the most part she still just plays with my nipple and doesn't really know what to do.  She eventually gets frustrated since she's hungry and I put back on the shield.  But it is definitely a step in the right direction.
I've started freezing my milk so that we have some supply for when I stop nursing/pumping.  I freeze a 5oz bag a day.
She's holding up her neck better and better, and getting stronger.  She's also found her "voice" for something other than crying.  Her little coo's and vocabulary is so much fun.
We've started signing to her.  We'll sign the ABC's, and "Daddy loves Helena", and "Mommy loves Helena".  And "milk" when she's hungry, along with "eat" and "more".  I'm excited for her to learn ASL.
We're enjoying our summer, and really like getting out of the house.  Most of the time we're saved by our afternoon walks, as that's usually the only time we leave the house.  Walking around the gravel path around Eastlake puts her right to sleep.
We're slowly getting a routine and although I can't hear a difference in her cry's I usually know what it is she's crying for.
I can't wait for what's next!


Emily Foley said...

Sounds like everything is going so well! I'm so happy for you! My sister in law had a baby a few weeks ago that was 10 lbs 11 oz. She was so glad she scheduled and section. Ha!

Emily Foley said...

C section....