Monday, July 14, 2014

A Rough Few Days and a Date

My poor baby girl is sick.  She was of course, extra fussy after Friday's dosage of vaccines at the pediatricians office, but now she has a cough and runny nose, and is sneezing more than normal.  It's heartbreaking to see.  I really hope she gets better soon.  At almost 10pm last night I had Chris put together the little play pin thing to put in our room, so she could sleep with us.  I hated the idea of her being all the way in her room by herself.  So she slept next to me last night, and will probably sleep next to me again tonight.  Thanks to my friend Sarah and her awesome Boogie Blaster Kit that she put together for my baby shower, we had some remedies for Helena.  That was truly a lifesaver over the weekend, and today!  I hope it doesn't turn into anything worse, and thankfully she still has her appetite, and is getting even better at latching onto me!!!  

 In the middle of all of this Chris and I had a date night on Friday.  We planned this way back when I was still pregnant, and I remember thinking that when we go out on this date my little baby will be 2 months old, will I be able to leave my baby for a full night?, and enjoy myself?  Honestly, the answer is yes.  We left Helena with Grandma and Grandpa Sweat who were staying with us after their return from traveling through Northern New Mexico the week prior.  A massive rain/hail storm hit just as we were about to leave, and I thought I would interrupt our dinner plans, but thankfully it slowed down enough for us to leave.  It was definitely difficult leaving Helena, especially because she was so fussy and just drained from the day activities, but I knew she was in good and loving hands.  Plus, I knew it was important to take this opportunity while we had family in town to reconnect with my husband. 
Chris and I had an excellent dinner at a brand new steak place called Guard and Grace.  It was fantastic.  I had the snapper and truly enjoyed it.  We had awesome service, enjoyed a few drinks, and relaxed in a nice atmosphere.  After dinner we went to the Paramount Theater to see Bill Engvall.  He was hilarious!  Even better was there was no opening act.  He came on right at 8pm, did his 90 minute show, and we headed home.  It truly was a great date night with my husband!  I'm so thankful to have family to watch Helena so Chris and I can go out once in awhile.
Waiting to enter the venue

Grandma Sweat sent to this me while we were out to dinner.
 Saturday night was a rough one.  I was up with Helena 3 different times from about 2am - 7:30am.  It brought back feelings of having a newborn!  We've been so blessed to have a baby the mostly sleeps during the night, that being up with her so frequently brought me back to those first 4 weeks, a mere 5 weeks ago!  Crazy how that seems like a lifetime ago.
Sleeping in the middle of the night

Sleeping this morning, hopefully getting better
I called the pediatrician's office this morning, and she doesn't have any of the major symptoms that prompt needing to be seen by the doctor, so we'll just keep doing what we are doing, and pray she gets better quickly.
I hope she goes back to her happy baby self soon!
Any remedies or ideas on how to treat her?, I truly appreciate!

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Emily Foley said...

The doctor always says to have them sleep semi-upright, like in a bouncer or swing, and use a humidifier. It stinks when they're tiny and you can't give them any decongestants because it is so hard for those little ones to sleep when they're stuffed up! Poor baby. But your date sounds awesome.