Friday, August 1, 2014

Out and About

Helena and I have had an extremely busy week.  We've had an adventure every day this week, and for the most part, Helena was a rock star!
My friend/cousin Kari arrived from Albuquerque Monday evening to meet Helena for the first time!  Kari got here just in time to help put Helena down for bed.  I think Kari provided the magic touch, as each night she was here Helena slept through the night!!!
Our fun started Tuesday afternoon with a trip to Ikea.  My hope was for Helena to sleep during the shopping trip, but there was just too much to look at.  She did take a little nap on the drive down, but that was it.  During our trip I found comfort in a makeshift bedroom to feed Helena, while Kari continued shopping.  I then topped her off before we left.  After shopping we were going to head to Chris' work to have dinner with him, but unfortunately with a crying baby, bad traffic, and super rainy weather, we didn't make it very far.  We ended up pulling over into a shopping center to feed Helena and try to calm her down.  Once the rain let up a little we decided to head to Park Meadows to try and put her to sleep, calm me down, and get some food.  She did fall asleep walking around the mall, and at that moment I decided regardless of the situation I needed to get my baby girl home.  So we headed out to the car to find it raining again, and to start what I knew would be an hour plus car ride.  Helena slept until traffic got bad and was to a complete stop on the freeway.  It took us about 30 minutes to go 2.5 miles.  Once we got through the bad traffic and the car was moving again she feel back asleep.  But that 30 minutes of her fussing was horrific for me.  I was on the verge of tears.  I knew she was tired and I knew that she had been out of "element" for too long.  We got home after the start of her bedtime routine, so once we got home she was fed and put immediately to sleep!

Wednesday was much more relaxed.  Our only outing was to get pedicures!  I was nervous about this though.  Going to spa with a unpredictable 2 and half month old...who knows what will happen?!  But she was amazing!  She stayed nice and calm in her car seat during the whole thing!  For the most part I think Helena likes to be out and about.  She bored with our house and knows what to expect.  Going out in public she has new things to look at and experience.  The timing for the pedicure was perfect.  She was entertained just long enough for Kari and I to relax and get our toes did!  Once our toes were done I fed her before heading to a casual lunch then home.

Yesterday was another shopping day!  We left for breakfast, and then headed to Colorado Mills.  Again for the most part she was good, but I definitely think sometimes she's over stimulated.  She truly doesn't want to miss a thing, and when I know she is tired this is tricky.  But thankfully she did sleep some before we headed home.

I value my relationship with Kari so much, and it was such a great visit!  I truly appreciate our time together, and the fact that she traveled to meet Helena and spend time with me, while leaving her loving husband and 2 boys at home means so much to me!
Overall it was a great trip!

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