Tuesday, August 12, 2014

3 months

Helena is 3 months!  Unfortunately I don't have any stats, but she is definitely getting bigger.

One of the more noticeable things I think is her head.  Baby girl is getting a big head!
Other changes:
I think her hair is getting a little lighter.  I'm completely indecisive about her eyes.  Chris thinks they'll be brown, and they most likely will be.  I'm holding out hope for something other than brown.
She's so much fun in the mornings.  She'll lay and entertain herself in her crib for a good 30 minutes in the morning, just laughing and cooing at herself.  She's pure joy and all smiles when I walk into her room and say "Good morning Helena".  She gives the most heartwarming smile and is so happy!
However the happiness is short lived, as she has this new habit of screaming bloody murder when she gets put down for a diaper change.  Who knows what it is, but after a minute or so of screaming she calms down and becomes content again.
She loves being read to.  I try and lay down with her in the living room and read a couple of times a day.
She loves the game Peek A Boo.  I'll cover her face with a blanket and ask "Where is Helena?" and jerk the blanket back and say "Peek A Boo!" and she gets the biggest smile on her beautiful face!  It is so much fun.
She's finding her voice.  She definitely "coos" and it is the softest little noise.  She also likes to make raspberries.  However, her new "talking" time is while she is eating.  Who knows how in the world she does it, but she makes loud vociferous noises while she is nursing.  Considering this is something I do to get her quiet (specifically in church), this new habit will interfere with that.
She really loves getting out and about.  If we haven't left the house all day, she knows that around 6pm is when we leave for a afternoon walk.
Her smile is beautiful.  She smiles with her eyes, and I can't get enough of it!

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Emily Foley said...

She is just precious! There is nothing I love more than a happy, cooing baby. It's pure joy.