Monday, August 11, 2014

Busy Time and Baby Milestones

Helena and I are enjoying the last month of summer together by keeping busy and doing lots of firsts!
This past week I took her to my work, and she meet some of my co-workers.  It was a fun outing downtown, and for the most part she did pretty good.
She's definitely growing more interactive with toys, and will "play" with her rattle if we put it in her hand for her. 
playing with a rattle
tummy time - prep time to rolling over!
Her major first was last Thursday when she rolled over for the first time!  She has flipped from tummy to back about 4 or 5 times now.  More than anything I think it scares her, but her mom and dad are definitely proud!
a mommy daughter first: drive in movie!
Another big adventure was to the 88 Drive-In movie theater!  This was actually a first for both of us!, as prior to this I had never been to a drive-in!  We saw "Hercules" which wasn't my pick, but we had a good time.  I was hoping to keep our normal bedtime routine in place and that she would eat then fall asleep.  But that didn't happen!  Baby girl knew she was someplace new, and wouldn't fall asleep.  So up she stayed until we got home, and Helena didn't fall asleep until around 11pm!
daddy naps and baby stays quietly awake

Helena and a goat
 To continue with the trend of "firsts" we went to the Boulder County Fair.  And you guessed it, this was another first for the both of us!  ...I had never been to a county fair before.  We walked around, saw lots of animals, and Helena took a little nap!
Helena and a chicken

A beautiful horse

Reading time

Family selfie!
I'm trying my best to soak in these last few weeks and this time with my baby.  Summertime always goes so fast, but this summer and the fact that it was life changing, feels like it has been the fastest of my life. 

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Emily Foley said...

You guys are so fun and cute! Love your pictures.