Monday, August 18, 2014

No More Swaddle

Happy baby!  8/18/14

No longer sleeping in a swaddle, but rather Pajamas!  She's a big girl!


In addition to all of her firsts, I want to also try and document her lasts. 

Helena wore her swaddle for the last time Saturday night.
It happened very suddenly, and I'm thankful she went down with it.
Almost two weeks ago baby girl rolled from her tummy to back.  It was super exciting, and she's done it about 4 or 5 times now.  If anything it startles her.  But now, she shows no interest in rolling over.  We've increased the amount of tummy time, and she definitely moves, but doesn't roll over.
Then a few nights ago, she somehow managed to roll from her back to her tummy in her swaddle.  Which really freaked me out, and made me think that maybe it was time to retire the swaddle.  I did some research, and I was nervous about the transition, and the fact that there really wasn't any transition.  In my mind the swaddle is her que that it is bedtime.  But I was too nervous to try and transition her out of it with numerous nights of one arm in, then both arms out etc... So last night we put her in some PJ's and down she went.  It was actually pretty simple.  Even better I didn't put her down asleep, but rather sleepy.  And she calmly put herself to sleep after about 10 - 15 minutes of laying in her crib awake.  She still managed to roll onto her side in the crib, which still makes me nervous, but I just don't know what to do?  
She has shown no interest in trying to roll from her back to her tummy when I play with her on the floor, my only guess is that the mattress in the crib is too soft?  Do I go out and get a new mattress?
She slept great last night without the swaddle and woke up as the super happy baby that I love so much!
It's been amazing seeing her do all of her firsts in addition to her lasts.  The "lasts" always seem to come too quick.    


Summer said...

I don't have bumpers. TJ didn't get to a place where he could have "saved" himself until about six months, when he could pull a big heavy blanket off himself.

Don't buy a new mattress! She'll figure it out. No point rushing. The swaddling thing just happens. All the sudden, they can soothe themselves without it and that is that.

Emily Foley said...

If she is strong enough to lift her head up, she's fine. My kids would roll over and sleep on their tummies all the time. With Isaac I used to lay blankets around him so he couldn't roll over but he still figured it out. I think if she is strong enough to lift her head up during tummy time she'll be just fine in her crib, even sleeping on her tummy. she'll move her head if she can't breathe.