Wednesday, June 4, 2014

My Model Daughter

I gotta be honest here.  One of the reasons I like going out in public with Helena is hearing all of the compliments she receives.  I love it when people ask how old she is and they are so surprised by how young she is.  She gets a lot of "she's so cute", "look at all that hair", and "wow, look at those eye-lashes".  But lately the word that's used is "beautiful".  We were at a shopping mall on Memorial Day and a couple of ladies probably in their 60's were commenting on Helena when one woman said how cute she was, and the other lady immediately corrected her and said: "No, she's beautiful."  Since then I've had a handful of people (a combination of strangers and people I know) let me know that not only is she cute (because she is a little baby) but that she's beautiful.  I gotta say, I makes me feel like I've done something right.  Just sayin'.

When Helena was a week old we had our photographer come over to do her newborn photos.  This was a big process.  We had to heat the house up to 80* and keep her asleep.  Bryn was at our house for 3+ hours, but she did her job, and got some great shots of Helena!  A couple of days after her photo-shoot, I got an email from Bryn asking if Helena could come be a model for a newborn photography workshop the following Saturday (at 2 weeks old).  I was hesitant for a few reasons.  That was Memorial weekend, and my in-laws were in town, and she was awake for a lot of her previous session, and I didn't know if I was comfortable making her go through all of that again.  But when I got the Ok to bring my mother-in-law and grandma-in-law, I figured why not?  And I'm so glad that I did.  Bryn was one of the photographers attending the workshop held by Dewdrops Photography by Amy McDaniel and Nicole Smith Photography
Prior to the workshop I didn't do any research in regards to these photographers, but once we got home I looked them up and realized how popular they are!  And now I can't help but feel gracious and blessed that Helena got photographed by these two extremely talented photographers. 
Helena was mostly fast asleep during most of the shoot, until she got transitioned to Nicole who was teaching about natural light photography.  Nicole was trying to get her back to sleep when she was holding her, heard her fart, and moved her hand just in time for Helena to take a nice big poop into her hand!  I gotta say it was very comical.  Thankfully Nicole handled it graciously while the photographers around her helped her clean up. 
That's my girl!


Emily Foley said...

I did that with Zoe. A professional photographer did a casting call and needed kids of all ages including newborns, so when she was 2 weeks I took her in. She was awake the whole time and the pictures ended up being super weird! But at least she didn't poop on anyone. :) The pictures are beautiful and everybody's right, that is one beautiful baby!

Incidentally, do you say hell-en-uh or hell-een-uh?

Summer said...

She is so pretty!

On a side note, you probably already know this, but it is a law that insurance companies cover a pump or pump rental, so if you are still doing that... good luck!

April said...

Emily, pronounced Hell-een-uh.

Summer, yes, I got a pump through my insurance!