Wednesday, July 25, 2012

wedding wednesday ~ getting stuff in the mail

Lots of more stuff happening in the wedding world!  Just about everyday last week I got something wedding related in the mail!  So exciting!!!  Even better, the invites have been mailed out and we're starting to get back RSVP's!  It seems weird to say, but I'm so excited that people are coming to our wedding!!! 
In the mail I've gotten our cake cutter set.  I'm thinking about getting it engraved.  But what would it say?
I've gotten a couple of surprises that we'll be seen at the reception!!! 
I got my wedding day jewelry.
I got a card box and our sand for our Unity Sand Ceremony.
The bridesmaids have gotten their dresses!!!  For my girls, I've also taken care of some surprises that they'll be getting on the big day!   
I've also engaged all of my aunts in hopes that one of them will have a white clutch for me to use as my "Something Borrowed".  I've gotten a couple of options, definitely 80's style, but that's better than spending $50 on something I'll most likely only use once. 

Purse option from my Aunt Kathy
I've also started work on our ceremony.
Last Monday we met with our Pastor, Pastor Ken who is going to marry us.  And this man is truly amazing.  I feel so blessed that he is going to marry Chris and I.  We met with him to go over the details of our ceremony, and to start our pre-marital counseling.  We've been given the task to read two books.  "His Needs, Her Needs: Building an Affair-Proof Marriage" by Willard F. Harley, Jr. and "The Five Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts" by Gary Chapman.  Right now I'm reading His Needs, Her Needs, and Chris is reading The Five Love Languages.  And it's interesting.  In that past when I would attend weddings, I would think a lot about the bride and the groom and making such a strong commitment to each other.  And the type of conversations they would have to have with one another to put them where they are standing and saying "I do".  And these books are perfect things to probe those types of conversations.  Before we started reading these books Chris and I have had many conversations about the type of marriage we want to have and lots of other difficult topics, but these books just shed a different type of light on it and bring up different points that are great for us to discuss as we get ready to meet at the alter with our pastor and God. 
In the works:
Rehearsal dinner invites.
Ceremony programs.
Still working on Guest Books/Table Numbers.
Flower-girl dress.


Summer said...

We read both of those books. They're pretty good, but we've figured out that nothing works as well as being honest and open. (I'm sure youve NEVER heard that before.)

I like the clutch. Cut idea for something borrowed. I had a hair clip from my mom, it was blue, and old. And everything else was new. :)

Sounds like you have things well underway! We had champagne glasses engraved with our wedding date and something else nice. I just put ribbons on the cake cutters.

Peg said...

I loved the love languages book. It made sense to me but Summer s right honesty and communication.

Emily Foley said...

I think you could get them engraved with your names or initials and your wedding date, that would be cute.

I got your invitation! I'm so excited!!

I like the idea of those books too. I think a lot less marriages would fail if people would properly prepare themselves for what marriage is. It's NOT 50-50. It's 100-100. You give everything, he gives everything. It's the only way to make it work.

Rachel said...

I feel like every wedding comment I make is something like, "SO exciting!" But it's true! It's been such fun watching everything come together.

Andy and I never read those books (or did any counseling) BUT we are always honest. Sometimes he is frustratingly honest with me. ;-)